Tuesday Morning Attack: Vidic States Obvioius, Ancelotti's Faith, Injuries, and More

28 September 2010

* Nemanja Vidic admits that Manchester United's defending is a worry. Thanks for telling us what everyone has already thought out loud. What's sad is, I really wonder if Rio Ferdinand returning from his injury woes would instantly help? Based on what we've seen so far, until Rio comes back, this will be the status quo.

* Carlo Ancelotti insists Chelsea's rookies are ready for the big stage. Well if the rookies are mixed with a great dose of regular starters, I'd be willing to concur with him. However, if it's like the team we saw against Newcastle United, there's no faith in the world that should convince him they are completely ready to hang in one of the biggest competitions in the world.

* Wenger wants Fabianski to step up. Wenger would love any goal keeper that would cost him nothing but weekly wages to step up. However, if Almunia is hurt, this is just stating the obvious. Wenger needs to spend some of that post tax profit the club will have left over and at least go keeper hunting. If he doesn't, they may not even win the League Cup.

* So Dirk Kuyt is saying that it just isn't Fernando Torres that's not happy right now at Anfield; no one is. That's what happens when a club drops alot of points in a row. Honestly, other than rehashing the usual lines, I don't see what would start making people around there happy.

* Here's the  long laundry list on injury updates from this weekend. The two obvious ones are Wayne Rooney and Frank Lampard, who won't be playing in the Champions League midweek. Rooney's ankle is injured again, while Frank Lampard still hasn't recovered from the magic German hernia operation. Other Champions League casualities are Manuel Almunia, who is recovering from an injured elbow, and William Gallas, who will be out for three weeks because of an injured groin.

In a case of good news, bad news, and worse news, it's good news for Ricardo Fuller. Scans revealed Fuller did not break his shoulder, but that he only separated it on Sunday. The last time he separated his shoulder, he only missed one game. The international break will more than likely mean he'll only miss one game due to this injury. In the bad news department, Roberto Martinez is worried he's going to lose Franco Di Santo for a lengthy spell of time after an ankle injury on Saturday. In worse news, Wolves look set to be without Adlene Guedioura for up to six months after breaking his leg on Sunday.


toddmintz September 28, 2010 at 4:14 AM  

Hee hee Vidic is seeing what many of Manchester fans are seeing and frankly are tired of, Mistakes, lack of concentration, laziness and lack of communication.

This never used to be a problem, you give your keepers no chance. Letting Petrov score dribbling all that distance is a travesty. At least guys like Heinze and Gary when healthy would stay in your jockstrap. We have got to get this settled quick at the back, and the mids and wings are hardly great either in support. Nani was terrible and responsible for one of the goals.

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