How Can Anyone Be Surprised Wayne Rooney Is Still With England Team

05 September 2010

England's Wayne Rooney. (Credit Image: © Action Images/
God bless the UK press. In a rush to beat their rivals to the 'headline of the moment', the Telegraph came out in first place over Wayne Rooney's latest controversy.

Sure, he's alleged to have cheated on his wife when she was pregnant. However, the response should really be: 'who's next to be busted?' The problem is, the response has been 'Rooney is still with the squad amid new allegations'. It started with the Telegraph, the Daily Mail was next, and by Monday afternoon, most of the rest of will follow in suit.

The issue isn't his life outside the game, it's the blatant stupidity of the English press to think that this latest revelation is going to cause him to miss time. The more I think about it, and as I said above, this is just par for the course. Let's just look at some of the cheaters on the England team.

David Beckham: cheated on Victoria with Rebecca Loos. I'm sure there were others, I just can't remember them off the top of my head.
Jermain Defoe: Sure, it was only Danielle Lloyd of celebrity Big Brother lost fame, but he still three timed her.
Frank Lampard: got busted cheating on his fiancee with Montse Lucas
John Terry: this one isn't even the most recent. He got busted with Wayne Bridge's ex girlfriend. Everyone else knows the rest of that story.
Ashely Cole: Even being married to Cheryl couldn't keep his pants on.
Peter Crouch: went on a friend's stag party in Madrid, had sex with Spanish prostitute.

I'm sure there are more, but those are the only ones I could rattle off the top of my head. If we wanted to even go one further, well...
Steven Gerrard: was acquitted after allegedly being caught punching a DJ on CCTV. Was rumored to have had an affair, but nothing was ever proven.
Rio Ferdinand: was suspended eight months after missing a drugs test.

While Rooney may not have had the best of World Cups, he still is a player who can score goals. He's a guy who, as we saw Friday, can set up other players extremely well. He's not afraid to help out in defending either. With Peter Crouch injured, Defoe uncertain for the Switzerland game, and Darren Bent your next best option, there's no way in hell Rooney is going to be asked to leave this team.

Let's face it, it's not the last time we're going to hear of an England National Team member having an affair. It's definitely not the last time we're going to hear the same old headlines about said player with the squad either. All I have is a simple message to the UK media: if you honestly think that this latest affair was going to have implications with the England squad, retire now and save us all the headache. We've heard the same old song and dance way too many times to give a damn anymore.


Steve September 6, 2010 at 3:01 AM  

So, Rooney paid £1,200-a-night but Crouch paid £800-a-night. Do these ladies charge according to the attractiveness of the bloke's face?

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