What to Expect From The Third Half This Season

11 August 2010

Well it's that time of year where we all get giddy like kids on Christmas Eve, expecting great things on Christmas morning. With some European leagues starting last Saturday, the Barclays Premier League season starting this Saturday, and other leagues starting at the end of August, we all have plenty of football action to keep us occupied over the next nine months. It's an exciting time for me personally, as this will be the first full season I will be blogging here at The Third Half.

While there is a chance you may see my writing elsewhere (if I do write elsewhere, this will be the first place you'll hear about it), I am looking forward to the challenge of being in one place for an entire season. But what should you expect from me this season? Here's are the things that I can think of just off the top of my head.

1) Along with my no nonsense opinion of the Premier League, expect more coverage from me on the Bundesliga. I have fallen in love with the Bundesliga over the last 2 years, and feel the league deserves more coverage than it gets. While I probably won't cover it on par with the Premier League, expect me to up the coverage on the league.

2) I will be adding the Dutch Eredivise to the leagues I cover this year. Yes, I'm well aware that the words Dutch and Football going together right now may as well be cursing. However, after making a tiny profit last year betting the league, and watching the odd game on ESPN3, I started to feel like this is a league that deserves a little bit of coverage. While at first I'll probably only be writing about the league every couple of weeks, expect something on a league that doesn't get much at all.

3) A different feature when it comes to my weekend previews. I'll admit this is something that has always caused me the greatest concern every year I've blogged. My biggest problem when it comes to the previews is one of my greatest faults; going into something thinking everything has to be full bore. Instead of doing that this year with every game in the Premier League and Bundesliga, expect me to pick out the two or three biggest games of each weekend and give them the attention they deserve. As for the rest of the games, I'll still write on them, but nothing more than seventy-five words. My goal is to keep each of those league preview posts under twelve hundred words.

As for those matches that I write longer previews on, expect me to pick at least one of those games to write full reports on that will be up immediately here on The Third Half. As for at least the Bundesliga and Premier League, my reduxes will be returning in full after each match round.

4) While I won't be doing any live blogs here, expect me to continue to mix up the twitter commentary on the weekend's action. If you aren't following me on Twitter, just go to the top of the page, click the twitter link, and follow me. Or, if you don't want to go back up to the top of the page, just go here.

Here's to an excellent upcoming season all across Europe!


todd mintz August 12, 2010 at 3:13 AM  

What a start 445 am pacific Man City-Tottenham, this game could be a critical test for both and may give giant indication where these teams could finish.

That is great thing about EPL every game means something. Today watching Spain-Mexico I could fast forward my recording and miss little, except the late goal. The game was boring. Translation: First Team Mexico 1 2nd string Spain 0 halftime, reverse that 2nd half once Xavi showed up, great pass leads to tying goal in 2nd minute of extra time at Azteca

todd mintz August 12, 2010 at 3:54 AM  

need feedback, we should look into some type of contest for the viewers on EPL games with handicapping. This is what I am looking at this weekend:

Man City wins at Tottenham; Villa over West Ham, Everton over Blackburn, Bolton-Fulham (in front of usual small crowd at Reebok)draw; Sunderland-Birmingham draw; Wigan spoils Blackpool entry into EPL, Wolves over Stoke, Chelsea over West Brom (shocking), Arsenal-Liverpool draw, And United over Newcastle and Bobby Robson, Mike Owen and Alan Shearer (just kiddin)

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