Premier League Thoughts: Chelsea's Same Scoreline, Stoke City Could Use Technology

21 August 2010

Tottenham's Peter Crouch blocks a header on the line from Stoke's Jonathan Walters (C) (Credit Image: © Action Images/
The second Saturday has come and gone in the Barclays Premier League, and there's plenty to discuss. Chelsea won again 6-0, this time on the road at Wigan's DW Stadium, and Stoke City get caught up in the goal line technology debate.

I'll start at the DW Stadium. Today, I did feel somewhat bad for Wigan Athletic. For the first half an hour, Chelsea were rightly on the back foot. Yet, Wigan couldn't produce anything on goal that would threaten Petr Cech. When Chelsea went in front soon after the half hour, it was only a matter of how many they would concede. That number was six.

I have to be honest, I couldn't tell if Wigan gave up in the second half. As wave after wave of Chelsea attack poured on goal, Wigan seemed helpless. I do think that once their only goal was called back for offside with half an hour left, they did give up. Chelsea were already three nil to the good, and added three more for the hell of it.

Roberto Martinez has no defense, and if he doesn't do anything about it before the transfer window closes, he deserves the sack. Wigan defense right now is not even Blue Square Premier worthy. Without even a modicum of defending, your attack is worthless. Right now, Wigan's defense is worse than worthless. Even if Roberto Martinez is given his walking papers, he'll have a job somewhere. That's about the only positive thing he's got going for him at the moment.

The other story happened at the Britannia Stadium. Stoke City, for all their dominance in the second half, could not find an equalizer against Tottenham, losing 2-1. However, that's not the story. The story comes in stoppage time when an apparent Stoke City equalizer barely crossed the line, but was not given. Not only that, but the shot by Jonathan Walters was handled off the line by Peter Crouch, who was behind the line when all this was taking place.

Now I'll be honest: when I first saw the effort, I couldn't tell. The referee couldn't tell, and the linesmen was in no position to do so. While this incident is sure to stoke the fires of the goal line technology debate, what I'd like to know is why the hand ball on Peter Crouch wasn't called? Sure, some will argue that Gomes was fouled in the build up, but I'm not totally convinced he was. The obvious call to be made in that situation wasn't made, and that's something that should be talked about.

Other Thoughts From This Saturday
  • I think it's safe to say we will be seeing Gareth Bale's second Tottenham goal in the debate for goal of the season. That said, I still think Wolves's free kick volley was better. Either way, it was beautiful.
  • Everton threw away two points today. However, that's the consequence you pay when you miss your chances, and give Wolves only one. Make no mistake, Wolves were poor today. However, I think Mick McCarthy will take 4 points out of his first two games played.
  • It was nice to see Blackpool fans at the Emirates still in good voice despite getting thumped 6-0. While Ian Evatt had to be sent off, I'm not convinced that was a penalty. It seemed half the replays validated the penalty decision, the other half did not. Either way, that penalty was just a blip in the radar. Arsenal were going to win 6-0 either way.
  • Alex McLeish has turned St. Andrews into the same fortress that Sam Allardyce has done with Ewood Park.
  • Who's got the worst defense in the Premier League: Wigan Athletic or West Ham United? Sure West Ham haven't given up as many goals as Wigan, but they are just as bad.
What were your thoughts on this day in the Premier League? Let us know in the comments below.


toddmintz August 21, 2010 at 8:14 PM  

In response to our editor, fine Roberto Martinez should be given to the transfer window, but it appeared Wigan quit on the fans, the coaches and each other. What is wrong with the Toffies, they dominate the 1st half. They finally score on a controversial goal by Tim Cahill, Arteta takes a free kick, deflects off the wall. Appears Cahill committs a foul to get the ball back and ultimately score. Louis Saha on the bench for questionable reasons you have to ask Moyes about. I like Everton and Moyes but they dominate games at Goodison and often will draw or lose, giving up 1 good chance like today. Although it must be said, Wolves had patches they looked much more potent in the 2nd half....I am shocked by the 3-1 Bolton over West Ham score line. Zola I do not feel should have been let go. Avram a great football man,but his team is looking so lifeless, so poor defensively. Good to see Theo Walcott one of my favorites go crazy in Arsenal demolition scoring a hat trick....

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