The Great Manchester City Dilemma Over Craig Bellamy

17 August 2010

Manchester City's Craig Bellamy looks dejected. (Credit Image: © Action Images/
If there is one man in the Barclays Premier League that doesn't know how to get attention for himself, it's Craig Bellamy. From throwing a chair at Newcastle coach John Carver, attacking John Arne Risse with a golf club (then costing book makers plenty of money not long afterward), to giving his honest opinion about his situation at Manchester City when reports started to surface he may not be in the twenty-five man roster for the club, the man just knows how to keep attention focused on himself.

That brings us to the ongoing situation at Manchester City, and what the best course of action would be for both player and club. Let's be honest, Craig Bellamy had one of his better years in the Premier League last season with Manchester City. That's the biggest shame to all of this: based on merit last season, Bellamy deserves to at least be included in the 25 man roster.

Instead, Manchester City started splashing the cash again for names the Citizens felt were more worthy of the shirt. That caused Craig Bellamy to do what he always does when he feels backed into a corner: try and talk his way out of it. After giving a refreshing interview while on national team duty, everything hit the fan. First came the reports of Manchester City fining him two weeks wages, something that was denied by, of all people, Robbie Savage on Five Live this evening. Next came his not so surprising exclusion from Manchester City's opening day roster against Tottenham. Reports then came that Manchester City had banned him from training, and that he would be training at Cardiff City for the time being. That's been squashed tonight and Manchester City have said he will return to training at the club Tuesday.

While that's all well and good, it still doesn't diminish the glaring fact it would take a minor miracle for Bellamy to be included in the main roster come the end of the transfer window. That certainly doesn't help Manchester City if they wanted to sell him, as this ongoing battle has probably cut his potential transfer fee by at least fifty percent, if not more. While a loan deal isn't exactly out of the realm of possibility, there aren't many takers that will be willing to pay a portion of his high weekly wages. Furthermore, Manchester City have pretty much blocked the idea of either loaning or selling him to a potential rival club. That leaves few potential suitors.

When it's all said and done, I think there's only one logical place for Craig Bellamy: that is another reunion with Mark Hughes, this time at Fulham. Bellamy has found his way to where Mark Hughes has managed the last two times, and he has been the only manager that Bellamy hasn't done anything overtly stupid for. With the events of late, I think the transfer fee will have dropped to a range Fulham could afford. That only leaves the wage bill. While this is only a guess, I have a feeling Manchester City will pay Bellamy plenty of cash to get him off their books. We're seeing this problem right now with Stephen Ireland, and it's causing James Milner's move to the club to be delayed, almost to the point the deal could be canceled. I just think that Manchester City will at least pay Craig Bellamy the money to get him away from Eastland, and allow Roberto Mancini to move on without someone who may cause further incident at the club.

EDIT: Per reports on the BBC Sport website, Craig Bellamy is Cardiff City bound on a season long loan. What do you make of these developments? Let us know in the comments below.


toddmintz August 17, 2010 at 4:00 AM  

Gone, that is what. He never lasts more than 1-2 years with any EPL club, he is still relatively. It takes a certain manager to handle him. Players seem to thrive in Fulham system although it took awhile for Clint Dempsey to make his mark. Fulham known as a hard to play, modest football club. Having said that Man City I felt should have started him and Abedayor vs The Tottenhammers. I just hope he is not with them by Sunday game with Manchester United. He always make a quick impression than it wears off. He can no longer play at City, too late. He does play hard and is productive and Fulham always needs more punch. The 0-0 scoreline with Bolton is typical of Fulham game. Fulham it would be a great move and may give them an outside chance at the top 7 and back in UEFA spot next year. I feel being the finalist last year losing to Atletico Madrid should have guaranteed them a berth again this year in UEFA. They need all the revenue in particular as cannot be doing great financially playing in 22,000 seat, quaint but non profitable Craven Cottage.

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