World Cup Previews: Holland and Uruguay start the Semi-Finals

06 July 2010

Netherlands national soccer team player Arjen Robben kicks the ball during the team's training session at the Athlone Stadium in Cape Town, South Africa. (Credit Image: © epa/
So…did you have Uruguay v Holland in a semi-final of this World Cup prior to the competition starting? If you did, I hope you have made plenty of cash during this World Cup. If you didn’t, well enjoy being in the vast majority with you.

The quarter-finals were not kind to me, and only a little bit better for Jeff. Jeff’s record over the quarterfinals was 2 wins and 2 losses, compared to Johnathan’s 1 win, 2 losses, and 1 no result. Jeff’s record now stand at 30 wins, 22 losses, and 8 no results. Johnathan’s record is an even worse 25 wins, 28 losses, and 7 no results.

2:30 pm on ESPN: Uruguay v Holland
Johnathan Starling
: I have to admit; after Luis Suarez’s actions in Uruguay’s quarterfinal victory over Ghana, I want them to be humiliated in the worst way possible against Holland. It also helps that Jorge Fucile and Nicolas Lodeiro will be missing as well and Diego Lugano is a fifty/fifty proposition at best. Yea Nigel De Jong is missing for Holland, but he can be replaced.
I think this game is going to be ugly in every sense of the word. I don’t think Uruguay is going to be going forward too often, and Arjen Robben is going to continue to remind us at how ‘clever’ he has become in the art of simulation. But cutting all the crap aside, this is going to end up one sided. I think Holland is heading back to the World Cup finals, and I think they do it very comfortably. My prediction is Holland -1 at +110.
Jeff Hash: Let's set aside the debate over Suarez and the handball: while there's a lot of reasons to not be thrilled about it, that ship has sailed.  Instead, one stat should sum up what Uruguayis now facing: the Dutch have got 5 wins in 5 games at this World Cup.  And in thinking about it, none of them have been particularly close.  The only way Uruguay can possibly keep up with the Netherlands is by not giving up the ball.  That's going to be a tough ask with a number of names gone from their regular lineup.  Yes, Diego Forlan can score at the drop of a hat, but I think the counters are going to be few in this one.  There just isn't enough of a reason to believe in the upset here, but the Netherlands haven't been blowing doors off either, opting for largely one goal results.  With that in mind, i'll just take the Netherlands to win outright at -165.

So what are your thoughts on this Semi-Final match up? Let us know in the comments below.


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