World Cup Previews: Knockout Stage Continues with Germany/England and Argentina/Mexico

27 June 2010

After the day I have had, I am doing just the previews tonight. I'll come back tomorrow with my thoughts on the action we have seen this weekend. My apologies if these are quicker than normal.

We both went 1 win and 1 loss on Saturday. Jeff's record is now 23 wins, 19 losses, and 8 no results.Johnathan's record is 21 wins, 24 losses, and 5 no results.

10:00 am on ESPN: Germany v England
Johnathan Starling: Despite Germany's injury problems, when it comes down to facing England in a game that matters either in a World Cup or Euro competition, they do the business. However, I just don't think they will do it inside of ninety minutes. My prediction is under 2.5 goals at -200. I just have a feeling it will end 1-1 at full time.
Jeff Hash: I think this is going to be a fun game to watch.  Overall, Germany has done better in my mind so far, especially in attack, and I have a feeling they will be able to continue that advantage.  I don't know if its enough to take it home in 90 though, just like John.  So for insurance, I'll take Germany on the 0 at -105.

2:30 pm on ABC: Argentina v Mexico
Johnathan Starling: I still have a copy of their match in the 2006 World Cup. It was, in my mind, the match of the tournament. Argentina has had to break down plenty of organized defenses so far, and they have done so successfully. Mexico is still having a problem getting goals.With this game being as open as I think it will be, I think there is only one winner. My prediction is Argentina -1 at -110. Mexico may get a goal, but Argentina will be happy to not have to break as organized a defense as they faced in the group stage. 
Jeff Hash: Argentina has, once again, made the knockout round of the World Cup with a lot of flair and a good amount of goals.  The fact that they did so against some tough defenses makes it all the more impressive.  Mexico continues to roll on as they do, and I think they can pull a goal here.  Even if they don't, Argentina getting ahead will force a lot of action.  My pick, then, is over 2.5 goals at +110.


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