Uruguay 0 France 0 Redux: Refereeing Decisions the Only Talking Point in this Rubbish

11 June 2010

Uruguay's Diego Forlan in action with France's Bakary Sagna (L) (Credit Image: © Action Images/ZUMApress.com)
After an exciting 90 minutes to open the World Cup hours earlier, leave it to Uruguay and France to completely bore everyone to tears. To be frank, if I wanted to give this match the justice it ought to be given, this match report would just be the title I have above, this, and this (that's the sound of crickets chirping and fingers nails running down a chalkboard).

However, if there was anything to talk about out of this game, it all centers around one thing: refereeing.

1) The two early yellow cards were a reminder, referee's do not have to give warnings out.
It always cracks me up when I see people or commentators say that warnings need to be given out before yellow cards. It's just simply not the case. Yes, at the club level, referees are more inclined to give warnings before showing cards, but it is not a requirement.
Looking at the two early bookings, I feel the referee got both yellows right. Patrice Evra's booking in the 11th minute was correct after Pereira dispossessed him in the midfield and Evra decided to cynically take the shirt of the man who dispossessed him. Ribery's tackle of Arevalo 8 minutes later was just late, and a bit reckless. In both cases, the referee was right to flash a yellow without giving any warning to the player who received them.

2) Nicolas Lodeiro should have received a straight red for his tackle on Sagna.
If there was anything for me to be picky about with the refereeing decision we saw today, it would have to be the second yellow card given to Nicolas Lodeiro. The tackle was high, and at first I wondered if the end result was a broken leg. The referee spent all of half a second pulling out his yellow card before realizing he was on a yellow card already, and then being shown the door.
Frankly, the foul was a straight red offense. It was studs up, high closer to the knee than any tackle ought to be, and in my mind was an intent to injure. To me, that is the true definition of violent conduct and a professional foul.
Yes, some will say I am too quick on the trigger finger when it comes to 'letter of the law' and showing a red card there, either way, Lodeiro was going to be getting an early bath. Yes, you could say we're arguing semantics here, but to me, the wrong colored card was shown. Instead of the second yellow, it should have been red.


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