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25 May 2010

South African soccer supporters have their photograph taken with the World Cup trophy at the launch of the South Africa FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour in Khayelitsha, Cape Town, South Africa 07 May 2010. (Credit Image: © EPA/
Something finally happened to me tonight just moments before kickoff of the US National Team friendly against the Czech Republic: I finally got pumped up about this upcoming World Cup in South Africa. Now, yes, its been quiet here at the Third Half since the end of the Premier League season, but that was because of two things. One, I needed time at the end of the season to get the events of the past month out of my system. The other, I was still trying to piece together my own plans for World Cup coverage here at The Third Half.

Well after some planning, and a little asking around, my plan has come together. The following is what I will be doing here at The Third Half with World Cup coverage:

Sunday, May 30th: A post at how the World Cup has evolved for me from my first World Cup in 1994 to now.
Monday, May 31st-Monday, June 7th: My thoughts on each of the 8 groups in the World Cup with how I think each group will eventually play out.
Tuesday, June 8th: My thoughts on how the Round of 16 will play out.
Wednesday June 9th: My thoughts on how the Quarterfinals, Semifinals and Championship match will play out.
Thursday June 10th: My thoughts on the matches on June 11th.
Friday June 11th-The conclusion of the World Cup. My thoughts on each of the day's major talking points from the games played along with my thoughts on the games the following day.

For the duration of the World Cup, the daily previews will be done by two people. Alongside me will be none other than my editor here at The Third Half, Jeffrey Hash. I've decided turn it into a competition between the two of us, along with an additional twist. Using Centsports as our guide, not only will we be giving our thoughts on each game, but what bet would be the safest bet to make in each match. I'll be keeping tally over the course of the World Cup to see which of The Third Half staff can make better predictions over the course of the month long tournament.

In the interest of full disclosure, I will be posting some items over at World Cup Buzz.

I look forward to providing you with my honest, no nonsense opinions and analysis over the course of the next seven weeks. Please don't hesitate over the course of the World Cup to leave comments here on the blog, email me your questions at, or follow me on Twitter (you can do that at the top of the page).


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