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08 May 2010

Well everyone, I've finally learned my lesson. If I'm going to do something, I've got to do it on my own.

I'm not going to lie when I say that I thought Set Piece Analysts would be the last site I wrote for, and that once I was done there I would probably be finished writing for good. However, that plan changed and I no longer write there. At the time, I thought I was done for good, and was already making plans to move on with my life away from the blogging world...

Well I was wrong, as two people weren't going to stand for that, and even went so far as to offer to pay for the domain for this site. To those people, I think you for more or less kicking my backside and more or less saying I'd be doing a disservice by just walking away. That said though, if it wasn't for my editor saying one magical sentence to me, I probably would have walked away. So to Jeff, Kartik and Brian, thank you for more or less saying the right words to me getting me back in the game.

With that said, there is one minor difference to this relaunch of The Third Half. If you noticed, the domain name has changed from to This was my stupidity as I forgot one minor detail and let the domain expire. Besides, I like the .net name just a little bit better. The RSS feed will remain the same, so subscribe at the top of the page so you know of any new content to the site. Also, if you're Twitter, follow me at the top of the page as I give more thoughts on the game we all love.

As for the few who have already asked me when I'm going to start up a podcast again, I have one simple answer for that. At this time, I have no plans on starting up the podcast again. However, if the site grows to a point I've already figured out in my mind, I will consider bringing the podcast back.

I look forward to providing my opinions on the Premier League, Bundesliga, and the upcoming World Cup. As I have the time, I may add some MLS and NASL coverage here. I may even start writing on the Dutch League as the European continental season gets closer to kicking off.

If you ever want to get in contact with me, I'm an easy person to reach. The email address for the site is I encourage all comments here, the more debate here the merrier. But above all, I look forward to giving you my no nonsense opinions on the sport we all have come to know and love.


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