Chelsea Wins Title: A Day of Two Emotions

09 May 2010

Chelsea's John Terry and Frank Lampard Celebrate with The Barclays Premier League Trophy (Credit Image: © Imago/
Sunday, May 9, 2010. It was a day that should have been a day of joy unspeakable. It was suppose to be the day that I could celebrate another Chelsea title and get the opportunity to do so all day. What I didn't expect was that by 9 pm any and all happiness I had received from the early afternoon was gone.

This final Premier League match day started for me in a way I hadn't experienced since the Manchester United/Chelsea Champions League final: with so many nerves I couldn't think about anything else. I knew it was Wigan Athletic that Chelsea were playing, and after Wigan's 3-1 drubbing of Chelsea earlier in the season, I was expecting another nervy performance with maybe a 1-0 or a 2-1 result. So what that Wigan had given up 47 goals away from the DW Stadium prior to Sunday. So what that Wigan had already lost 9-1 to Tottenham in London earlier this season. All that mattered to me was that Chelsea and the final day of the season never seemed to go well together. Thankfully for my nerves, they were calmed inside the first six minutes, and gone for good just after the half hour when Caldwell was sent off for a stupid red card and Frank Lampard put Chelsea 2-0 ahead.

The second half was a party for me as Chelsea first got over 100 goals, and then saw Didier Drogba get a hat trick. Ashley Cole's goal in the 90th minute may have been a bit much, but when you're in the mood, why not go for it. Yes, by the time the full time whistle blew, I felt bad for Wigan Athletic, but it didn't stop my joy of seeing Chelsea win another Barclays Premier League title. While I wasn't thrilled with Fox Soccer Channel's talking over the trophy celebration (shockingly enough it wasn't FSI's worst crime of the day), watching the trophy being lifted in the air brought tears of happiness.

One would think that after seeing the team I support win the title, nothing could put me in a bad mood. Even I thought nothing could go wrong here. I was sadly mistaken. Nothing could prepare me for the final moments this evening when I left my mom's house saying good bye to my grand dad for the last time. The afternoon was decent for the most part, but as the seconds wound down to leaving, I felt guilty. Seven hours ago, I was celebrating the fact that Chelsea had won the league. At that point, I knew someone who I wasn't all that close to, but cared about alot, was going home to die of inoperable cancer after being told a month ago he only had 3 left to live.

It's times like today that bring me down to earth. It is a reminder to not allow one's emotions to have such extreme highs and lows as all fans of the beautiful game go through during a season (and, on a smaller level, during individual matches). It's yet another reminder to me that while football is a key part of my life, family should always come first and we should cherish ever opportunity we can to enjoy our family's company. Above all, maybe this is my biggest reminder that when putting things in perspective, we should just forget the bad and the ugly in our lives and just remember the good things.

Maybe then, I can enjoy both Chelsea winning the title, and all those fishing trips with my grand dad when I was a kid and not the pain he's going through today.


football gifts June 17, 2010 at 6:03 AM  

I would like to pass on my condolences, however much we love football, we must always put family first

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