Paul Duffen Unwise to Call Hull City Fans Pathetic

24 September 2009

When the club you are chairman of have only won two of their last twenty-eight premier league games, there are certain things you don't say in public.

Calling your fans pathetic in a radio interview for wanting Phil Brown to do a better job or be gone is one of them.

I can understand Paul Duffen's frustration. It hasn't exactly been a 'great' 2009 despite staying up. As with the stuff mentioned above, they are currently sitting 19th in the table and face a daunting away trip to Anfield this weekend. He's frustrated the fans aren't happy with the product on the pitch, and I'm sure there is some worry about being in the relegation zone all season. What Duffen should be aware of is that fans at this point should be questioning where the club is going. At this moment in time, it does look bleak. Yes, this is their second season in the Premier League, but what Duffen and his backroom staff should realize is the fans WANT to stay in the Premier League. They don't want cause for serious concern, and all of their performances in 2009 have been cause for such concern.

When you are in an authority position, the last thing you want to do is something that makes a group of people question your ability to handle pressure. It seems that Hull City's backroom could write a book on how not to handle pressure. Let's start last Boxing Day when Phil Brown decided to give his squad a tongue lashing in front of away supporters at Manchester City. I'll forever be convinced that was the moment everything went downhill at Hull City last season. This season, four points and six games, looking like it will be four in seven after the weekend. The last thing Paul Duffen needs to be telling the fans who pay their hard earned pounds to frequent the KC Stadium that they are pathetic for wanting better. If that means Phil Brown has to go, then so be it.

What makes this seemingly show of support for Phil Brown more ironic is the Guardian report tonight that said that Phil Brown only has six weeks to save his job. It can't be one or the other. With the message Duffen put in the public today, that report makes no sense whatsoever. It's one message or the other. Is Phil Brown safe, or is Phil Brown's job in jeopardy? Having two messages in the press is not what is needed at this moment in time.

The only thing pathetic here is Paul Duffen belittling his fan base. It's something they won't soon forget.


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