Bjorn Helge Riise Makes Wrong First Impression At Fulham

08 September 2009

Just because you're the younger brother of John Arne Riise, doesn't give you the right to speak like you are on your brother's level in the footballing world.

However, if you're Bjorn Helge Riise, you give off the pompous impression that you're better than the entire Fulham roster. Adding to the insult, Riise took a shot at the man who will keep him out of the Fulham starting eleven: Damien Duff.

Obviously, Fulham are taking the high road here. They want a full transcript before they pass judgment. However, Riise's comments are plain for the world to see. Saying things like "I don't think they've done all that good. But they have a good reputation and come from bigger clubs than me," and "I came from little Lillestrom in Norway, but players like Damien Duff have a name and status after playing for clubs like Newcastle and Chelsea and is ahead of me," not to mention ""But he is not that much faster than I am, and I have a better technique, a better touch and deliver better passes than he does," just makes you look like a first class jackass.

Look Riise, you are still an unknown. Hell, you were only worth two million pounds coming from a relatively decent club in Norway. Damien Duff; well he cost four. Duff is a proven Premier League player; Riise, you're just riding the coat tails of your older brother's fame. You may have had a good technique, touches and passes in Norway, but you won't get the time you had in Norway to pull things off. Duff; he knows the score in the Premier League, and even at his age will still take you and your 'talent' to school.

The other fatal mistake you made Riise is trying to pull this off while having Roy Hodgson as your manager. He is about as old school as they come. Riise, if you think your better, you prove it on the training ground. You DON'T prove it in the press. Frankly, I wouldn't be surprised if Riise is fined two weeks worth of wages and left to sit in the reserves until the first of the year. Even then, Riise may have run out of chances. If that's the case, the only way he plays is if there are a glut of injuries to the Fulham midfield.

Riise, let your football do all the talking for you, because the words that just came out of your mouth were nothing more than garbage.


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