West Ham United: Is The Price Right?

18 August 2009

Just when I thought West Ham United maybe stabilizing, it comes out of the blue that James Collins is set to be sold to Stoke City for around five million pounds. It also appears that the selling of Collins brought about a hell of alot of contention. While the rumors that Gianfranco Zola and Steve Clarke thinking about quitting were quickly quashed, it seems they are now resigned to the fact Collins will be leaving the club.

It almost screams of 'they doth protest too much' with Zola now in the press saying 'We are looking to buy not sell players'. Matthew Upson has admitted he would be willing to move if it meant easing the financial uncertainties around the Upton Park outfit. While no official offer has been made for Upson, it does make a person wonder.

West Ham United have a squad of thirty players with an average age just under twenty-four and a half years. For a club in West Ham's position (uncertain financial situation, the bankruptcy of the previous ownership group not finalized meaning West Ham United could still end up a part of it), the squad is ripe for the picking. Selling players for maximum profit should be their MO. Upson at thirty is valued as highly as he will ever get. James Collins at five million is about two times the amount I value him at (I rate Collins at around three million). If teams are willing to put up the money, West Ham United would be fools not to take it.

In the end, a few more players could realistically be sold. I could see Upson leaving, but he is a critical piece to the Hammers back line. Lucas Neill's unwillingness to drop certain demands could possibly see him sold before this window is out as well. I do also feel, however, that bench warmer Eidur Gudjohnsen could end up at West Ham before the transfer window is over.

When it's all said and done, I do think the price is right for teams to potentially pick off West Ham United players. The future is just too uncertain. The media, while seemingly getting the main story here incorrect, could end up correct by proxy. All it would have to take is selling more players before the transfer deadline than buying.


david de barrie August 21, 2009 at 10:28 AM  

Put a google alert in for west ham united and during the transfer windows you get dozens of stories a day, most of which prove groundless.

If selling Collins meant the money to get a proven striker then I woulod be for it. I know all centre halves foul the big forwards facing them but he seems to be farily blaitant about it and was v lucky to get away with a few things last year.

Much has been sais about the fac that we do have four centre backs. Clearly young Tompkins is a key part of the palns for the future and if Collins were sold it would encourage me that Upson will not be.

I would setle for that.

david de barrie

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