Is Wenger Off His Rocker With Super League Comment?

18 August 2009

Instead of waxing poetically about how Arsenal were going to go into Parkhead and getting a result in their upcoming Champions League qualifier against Celtic, Arsene Wenger went down the path I wish talk would stop European Super League.

While saying he's not one hundred percent sure about the proposition, Wenger feels that the amount of money coming in now from the Champions League will not even placate the biggest of clubs due their need to spend. I can't argue with Wenger there; just look at the Real Madrid project. Manchester City are trying to do the same thing in hopes of getting into the Champions League: and we all know what happened when Leeds United attempted the feat.

What Wenger's vision of a 'super league' could be I think is bogus. There is no way on earth these teams would potentially play both in their domestic league on the weekend and in this 'league' midweek. If a super league is to form, I doubt they will ever play in their domestic league again. Why play in two competitions risking injury, even if you have two totally different squads to play with. These teams will only want to play the thirty-eight games against the best. I don't even think the TV executives would want to sign on a super league contract if it meant having a devalued competition with all the teams still playing their domestic competition. Logic just says if they are going to play in two competitions, you may as well keep the competition format in place that is now being used.

When it's all said and done, the European super clubs had their best chance at forming this mythical super league. The only problem is, they allowed themselves in the G14 to disband. As much as I dislike Platini, he was absolutely brilliant in getting them to disband last year. Wenger may continue to think it, but it only goes to show how much he continues to live in the past.


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