John Terry: One Man, Two Billionaire Egos

06 July 2009

While not on the same level of the transfer talk last summer of Cristiano Ronaldo, all this John Terry to Manchester City talk has the same feeling we all had over the Gareth Barry to Liverpool debate. In other words, MAKE ALL THIS NONSENSE STOP AND MAKE IT STOP NOW!

Manchester City have already spent this summer getting rid of a very competent striker, giving their midfield that LA rush hour traffic feel, all while neglecting their back line. Sure Shay Given is an exceptionally under rated keeper, but he can't do much with the Swiss cheese he has in front of him. Naturally, only 'big' names will do for these wealthy Arab owners, and they have put a bulls eye on the bad back of John Terry.

On the other hand, we have Roman Abramovich, the man who ushered in this era of big money spending in the Premier League. With over the top transfer fees and weekly wages that will permanently keep Chelsea operating at a loss, Roman has done everything he can to keep Chelsea at the top. Part of that operation has been paying England National Team captain John Terry 135,000 pounds a week; and putting provisions in his contract to keep him as the highest paid Chelsea player and to give him a coaching role at the club should he retire. That is despite the fact he has had back problems and has lost a step or two of pace.

So we first hear Chelsea reject a thirty million pound offer saying that John Terry is not for sale. Then we hear the rumors that Manchester City are prepared to launch a 35 million pound bid to Chelsea and off Terry a contract close to 300,000 pounds a week. That is then countered by reports saying City are ready to offer 45 million for the player, but the contract would be around 180,000 pounds. Carlo Ancelotti on Monday said that Terry would be captain at Chelsea. That still won't stop Manchester City from making that 45 million pound bid though; and with the wages reportedly offered, it would be difficult for John Terry to outright say no. It also doesn't help that John Terry and Mark Hughes were spotted at the same hotel last week.

I will continue to preach that Chelsea need to overhaul their roster, and injury prone players like John Terry need to go. Yes it is hard for me to keep my Chelsea bias out of this, but quite frankly I've grown sick and tired of Terry's act. His screaming like a little baby if things don't go his way, his 'motivation' that looks more of in-fighting, and his thinking he is above the team. If Manchester City are stupid enough to offer Roman 45 million for the player, I'm taking the money and laughing my way to the bank.

On the whole however, I see this now as nothing more than a ploy by John Terry and his agent to get a substantial pay raise at Chelsea. A pay raise that will make him the most uncontrollable player in England. Carlo Ancelotti may want to keep John Terry at Chelsea, but at what price to the squad? At what price will Ancelotti go to have complete control of the dressing room if Terry gets his way and stays at Chelsea?

In the end, it maybe John Terry who has the biggest ego of the bunch; the biggest ego of all.


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