David Beckham: Is Manchester City Next?

14 July 2009

Cue the bloody obvious: David Beckham would consider a return to the Premier League even if it meant not playing at Manchester United.

That has to be the world's worst kept secret. However, David Beckham is concerned about two things and two things only; playing in next year's World Cup and seeing his pay packet grow. He has to know deep down that no club in Spain or Italy will give him a chance at the end of this current MLS season, and you can forget Beckham playing in Germany, France, or Holland. That, logically, only left one choice for Simon Fuller's 19 Entertainment group to consider; the Premier League.

As for David Beckham's pay packet, I don't see many clubs in Europe willing to offer the massive contract the Los Angeles Galaxy did three short years ago. Looking at the logical suitors in the Premier League: Arsenal won't pay him the wages required, Chelsea's midfield is already stacked with big names, Liverpool wouldn't suit Beckham as the flanks have better field players, and there's no way Beckham goes to Manchester United as long as Sir Alex Ferguson is still there.

Enter the new boys on the block, Manchester City. Besides Real Madrid, Manchester City have been attempting to splash the cash at every opportunity. 32 million for Carlos Tevez? Check. A nearly done deal that would cost 25 million for Emmanuel Adebayor? Check. Twelve million on Gareth Barry? Check. A potential 40 million for John Terry and 20 million for Joleon Lescott? Check. An attempted 25 million to secure Samuel Eto'o from Barcelona? Check.

Considering Manchester City's modus operandi, David Beckham fits the mold of player Manchester City would go after. He's one of the biggest names the world over and will need to find a club to keep match fit before the World Cup. Manchester City will have to continue to overspend on players and I could see them doing so for Beckham. A major plus for the blue side of Manchester is the fact he will be on a free transfer, meaning they will be able to spend a little more on potential wages.

Yes, I get this is the silly season and I know this sounds completely outrageous. However, considering how outrageous Manchester City have been in their attempts to spend cash, this isn't out of the realm of possibility. If it does happen, it won't be me saying I told you so. Those honors will go to my chief editor.


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