Carlo Ancelotti to Chelsea: Scolari v 2.0?

01 June 2009

The world's worst kept footballing secret was confirmed today as Carlo Ancelotti, not twenty-four hours after leaving AC Milan, was promptly snatched up as manager at one of the most unstable clubs in recent memory (that would be Chelsea). I will admit right here that this blog is going to be a difficult one for me to write, but while a fan of the club, looking at Chelsea objectively has always burned me with other Chelsea fans. That won't stop me from calling things as I see them.

Looking at Ancelotti's CV, two things quickly stand out. The first being his Champions League success and the second being his lack of domestic titles. In his ten seasons at Juventus and AC Milan, he has three trips to the Champions League final; winning two. In that same time frame, he has only won the Serie A title once. At AC Milan, he was runner up to the league title three times (note, two of those runner up places were wiped from the record due to the Calciopoli scandal).

This seems to fit Papa Roman's MO perfectly. While he may front that the Premier League title is very important, he's all about the Champions League now. As long as Chelsea say in the top three in the Premier League, which Ancelotti should be able to do, Chelsea's only priority will be achieving the elusive goal of winning the Champions League. If Papa Roman is willing to actually give Ancelotti time, at least three seasons worth of time, Roman may get what he wants.

But we all know Roman Abramovich's habits. The word patience is not in his vocabulary. Last year when Scolari was appointed manager, I stated on record that I didn't like the hiring and that I thought it would go terribly wrong. As we all know, Scolari didn't last the season. My first reactions to this hiring was a simple one. It was the same reaction I had when Scolari was hired.

Ancelotti has put up with plenty of hell the last two years. An aging squad at AC Milan, an owner that demanded more than realistically could be done. Missing out on the Champions League and then being eliminated from the UEFA Cup when they were considered by most the clear favorites. Now at Chelsea, he's putting up with yet another aging squad that needs to be turned over in the next two seasons if it wants to move forward. Carlo is also dealing with the same type of owner who wants results now and no excuses when those results happen. In short, it's the ultimate recipe for ultimate disaster.

In short, the best thing Ancelotti could have done is taken a year out of the game and recharge his batteries. Money aside, there is no logical reason he would leave one hell and walk right into another. Sure we have found out that Ancelotti helped Roman a little bit last season in recommending some talents for the Chelsea squad, but if Carlo thinks for one minute that Roman won't give him the same treatment he's given the rest (save Uncle Guus), then he's wrong.

I don't see this marriage working out at all. In fact, I wouldn't be shocked if by the end of next season, Hiddink isn't back at Chelsea in some role. Then cue all the talk of Guus Hiddink finishing out his career at Chelsea as manager.


LS June 10, 2009 at 11:34 AM  

Speaking of Scolari:

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