Funniest English Football Headlines: May 18 2009

18 May 2009

I've had a rethink of this blog and decided why bother with limits? I've also decided that if the headline isn't exactly all that funny, but I can have some fun with said headline, I will still use it. So here we go.

Sky Sports has a brilliant headline 'Allardyce - Robinson is best'. Yes Sam, Paul Robinson is good at one thing, allowing goals for the England National Team after having the ball bounced right in front of him!

The Guardian goes with this headline 'Arsène Wenger challenges critics to ponder life without him'. Ponder life without Wenger, sure I'll give it a try. Arsenal may finally win the title again. Sorry pal, but your invisible free ride is over.

The Daily Mail runs with 'Desperate Newcastle boss Shearer puts his faith in Bassong card appeal'. Yes, Alan must be really, REALLY desperate. I mean for all his bad mouthing of the FA on Match of the Day; he expects them to do him a favor? I guess the FA will be impartial in the matter...oh what am I saying.

The Independent has some fun with this one, 'Tevez stays away on club's awards night'. Sure this will show Manchester United Tevez! Why bother with United when you've felt like you have been on the island of misfit toys this season. At least you'll get an official winner's medal, or would you be willing to give it to someone else?

On a side note before closing out the blog; thank you to all of those who had positive feedback to the new site design.


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