Does Hull City Want to Stay Up

05 May 2009

Here's the fundamental problem with this season's Premier League, five teams should be relegated...the bigger problem is, only three can go down.

Watching Aston Villa/Hull City tonight was, simply put, torture. A game that was worse than all but one MLS game this weekend (that would be LA Galaxy/New York Red Bulls) and you know my feelings on games played on the green concrete known as artificial turf (I loathe it with every fiber of my being). Aston Villa were by far worlds better than Hull City, yet got stuck into Phil Brown's tactical game plan. That physical gritty side of football on display Monday night was miles away from the wonderful football that had everyone, myself included, praising the Tiger spirit. However I'm wishing I would have stuck with my prediction all along...relegation fodder.

After ninety minutes that saw Hull City have only one real opportunity on goal, I am seriously starting to question if Hull City want to stay in the Premier League. Yes I know this season for them was playing 'with Monopoly money; considering it's the first time they have ever played in the top flight. My problem with Hull City right now is they are playing like they just don't care. It's almost like they have it mentally ingrained in them that the three teams below them in the table just aren't going to win again this season, despite what they are saying in the press.

There is just one problem with that; Newcastle United have at least two winnable games. Okay, two winnable games is a massive stretch, but should they beat Middlesbrough next Monday night and Hull City lose to Stoke City (which is a major possibility), they are sitting eighteenth on goal difference. Knowing Hull's away form, I don't see them beating Bolton at the Reebok, and let's not forget about Manchester United on the final day of the season. Newcastle have Fulham at home in the penultimate round before finishing the season away. Newcastle won't win at Villa Park so it's up to these next two games for Newcastle to earn enough points to stay safe. Sunderland realistically need one more point to stay safe, and unless they get it this weekend at the Reebok, I don't see that happening.

When it boils down to the brass tacks, I don't see any side in the bottom five winning another game this season. It's just bad when the only reason you stay up in the Premier League is because you are only just better than the teams below you. In this case, Hull City are just lucky the old adage is true: No team is too big to go down.

Other Thoughts
* Boaz Myhill will be in the Premier League next season. The only question is will it be as Hull City's first team keeper or as a back up keeper with someone else. He's the only reason Aston Villa didn't name their own scoreline.

* This Villa/Hull city game has typified the type of drab football we've seen on Monday nights this season. If this is how Premier League clubs are going to treat this game, the Premier League chiefs need to do us a favor and just stop this nonsense. It'll save all our retinas.


Mando May 5, 2009 at 9:56 AM  

Great post Jonathan. It was a great story at the beginning of the year to see Hull do well. Brown just couldn't adapt their style after teams found them out the second time through the league

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