Chelsea v Everton: Plans for FA Cup Final Day

28 May 2009

First off I apologize for not having this up sooner. But after doing a bit of soul searching and a lot of 'why the hell did I ask two close friends for their opinion on this matter', I've finally decided why not and will just roll with the punches.

So for starters, THE THIRD HALF CHAT WILL BE BACK IN IT'S OLD GLORY. Sorry, no camera will be pointed towards the TV, so I have to admit it's been tricky trying to figure out an angle for this one. But I think I have found an angle that will at least bring a curious crowd.

Since Setanta US has decided to air all the pre-match build in full, I have decided to start the chat at a grand time of 4 am Eastern time. To make it even better, since just about everyone who knows me knows I'm a Chelsea fan, I have decided that I will be treating this final day like no other final ever.

Back in a time when I was more infamous as the man of a million meltdowns and not the over opinionated blogger/podcaster I am today, I have decided to no longer fight it. Since I have three neighbors next to me, I will be a little muted in my approach. However I don't know how much control of my actions I will have come kickoff.

That's because at about 5 am, I intend to go on a proper lash. Yes with a fully stocked liquor cabinet and a case and a half of beer in the fridge that needs to go away, I will drinking plenty of booze and having a right old time. If I look like I'm going to pass out during any of this time, all I ask is you get on your microphone and yell at me to wake up. The camera will be pointed my way so you can see me in full debauchery. I can't promise you if the audio from the TV will be picked up.

So for FA Cup Final day, if you're going to be around the TV and computer, stop on by The Third Half Chat. With my club in the final, things could get very interesting.


eplnfl May 28, 2009 at 9:36 PM  

Go natural. No substances. We need to know what's you unaltered opinion.

Good news to see the old format back. I love the early start btw. Best time of the day or night!

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