Where's the Good Friday Football

10 April 2009

With all the money now in the game, it's sad some traditions have gone to the wayside.

Having Good Friday off work (I understand that not all do), even as far as a couple of seasons ago, I use to enjoy waking up and spending the late morning into the afternoon watching the beautiful game. Even when it was one of the worst games of football I had ever watched, I just enjoyed the extra day to watch football.

Today there are no Premier League games. With the big four playing midweek, and Manchester City playing Thursday, that would only leave five options for games today. But why not give the spotlight for two games in the relegation zone? Why not screen Middlesbrough/Hull or Stoke/Newcastle on Friday? Considering the relegation dogfight is still not fully decided (I am of the belief the title race is over...you won't convince me otherwise), let's see those at the bottom on a day when not everyone is working.

What is even more of a pity is of the 2 Championship games on offer, only one is on ESPN360. That means there will be no live football on U.S. television on Friday.

The Easter weekend should be known for the two game (one Friday or Saturday and then one bank holiday Monday) sprint most are use to. It's a sign that the season is coming to a close and with people looking for something to do, it's the perfect opportunity to pack in crowds.

Sadly with the money, Champions League on Tuesday and Wednesday, don't expect the Premier League to be playing anytime soon on Good Friday. At least the Football League has a full fixture list on the bank holiday Monday.


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