Weekend Thoughts: West Brom Gives False Hope, What's In The Sandy Water

26 April 2009

This was a strange weekend for me watching football. The fan in me spent the entire weekend worried sick over my team's midweek encounter with Barcelona. Oh well I can talk about that later.

The big surprise to me was West Brom's 3-0 victory over Sunderland. The more I thought the result, the more it shouldn't have shocked me. If there is a team playing right now just as appalling as West Brom have played of late, Middlesbrough aside, is Sunderland.

The Black Cats just didn't look like they gave a toss as West Brom smoked them. I still don't know what is harder to believe, the fact West Brom scored three or the fact West Brom kept a clean sheet. I think the clean sheet is the easier of the two to believe. It was only Sunderland after all.

But this ultimately was a false hope day. My guess is that West Brom fans feels they know they are already down and this was the perfect tease. Sunderland fans be warned, you are only going to stay up because of how bad everyone else is at the bottom.

Having watched the last half hour of the first half between Real Salt Lake and New England, I wasn't impressed with the football on offer and quickly switched to Seattle and San Jose. In a way I wish I would have stayed with the events in Sandy Utah.

Six goals in a game is rare, six goals in forty-five minutes is just insane. Seeing the highlights of this game was just depressing. If there is any big storyline coming out of the first month and a half of the MLS season, it's the Western Conference is a much stronger conference than we could have ever imagined. RSL if they can ever figure out how on a consistent basis to win on the road, they could be a threat.

New England just don't look the same side that had come to winning the MLS Cup two season's back and sometime this week I will be writing on where it has all gone wrong for the Revolution.

Other Thoughts
I would like to see how anyone missed the fact Liverpool's second goal started from an illegal position? Either way it wasn't going to matter. Hull put up a fight, but couldn't finish anything they started.

Chelsea are lucky their 'let us get out of this game with West Ham with as little effort as possible' scheme didn't backfire. West Ham looked the better team from start to finish to me.

People will disagree with me on this one, but I thought Howard Webb made the right decision by calling a penalty on Gomes challenge on Michael Carrick. It wasn't an excuse however for the cheap way Tottenham folded.

You have to give Sam Allardyce credit for keeping Blackburn up. From a side that was in total disarray when he took over in December, he will now have a summer to build what he wants. I could see them making a cup run next season and flirting with a top half finish.

The attendances in Colorado and Miami did not pass my eye test. There looked like there was only about 5500 in Commerce City and only about 1000 in Fort Lauderdale.

The league has simply passed Frank Yallop by. He was taken to school by Seattle, who has a manager that has adopted to the ever evolving league. I don't see Yallop lasting out the season.

I don't know how else to say it but Chivas USA just continue to amaze me. That said, it took them way too long to get the opener against FC Dallas.

How did New York blow that game against DC United on the green concrete of the Meadowlands? Osario maybe a good tactician, but he can't tactic shambolic defending in the final five minutes of the ninety. I thought DC United were fatigued after sixty-five minutes but New York continue their tradition of blowing games in spectacular fashion.

I'm curious to see who ends up with the full time manager gig in Toronto. Despite the adversity, they handled Kansas City about as well as could be expected. I was not expecting them to get three points.

So what were your thoughts on this weekend's action? Let me know by leaving a comment below.


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