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17 April 2009

Well another year has come and gone in life and as I sit back and reflect on the last year, it has had to be the most trying year of my life. Between taking care of my old man (ultimately him dying the Saturday before Thanksgiving) and adjusting to life on my own, it's been a trying 12 months.

I have to admit there have been plenty of times over this past year if I was even cut out for being a blogger, but I no longer have those doubts. From starting to blog at Champions Soccer Radio Network regularly to my return to EPL Talk before realizing I needed a serious change in the company I kept, the decisions I made I did not make lightly. If asked if I would change any of the decisions I made, the answer would be the fastest I ever gave. That answer would be an emphatic no.

The highlight of the past twelve months (and boy I have to reach hard for this one) would be getting the opportunity to start my own podcast. It was fun for a few hours a week to just let loose about what I had to think. I haven't forgotten about it and look forward to bringing it back this summer. Check this space for more information about a relaunch date.

Relaunching this blog however has to be the biggest highlight. I guess when it boils down to the bare essences, I got tired of people telling me how to do things and trying to change how I write. I am not going to change for anyone but myself and I consider it a privilege and honor that anyone would take the time out of their day to visit this blog. All I can do is be as honest as I possibly can be.

So what do I see The Third Half becoming over the next twelve months? First and foremost I want this to become a place of frank honest opinion. I am pleased that is already starting to happen and I hope it continues in earnest over the next twelve months. Secondly, I want this to become a place that you feel the need to visit daily. I know that is entirely all on me and over the course of the next few months, I intend to work my ass off for that to happen.

Overall, those who I thanked when this site relaunched deserve the same thank you now. For those who have stopped by since, thank you as well. Here's hoping a year from now there is alot for me to be thankful for!


Mando April 18, 2009 at 10:00 AM  

Great job Johnathan. Congrats on the new start. It already reads better. I look forward to your future blog posts.

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