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17 August 2008

Three first half goals were plenty enough to see Chelsea past Portsmouth 4-0 on a day where Portsmouth showed up in body, but not in competition.

Roman Abramovich wanted beautiful football and brought in the man who he thought could bring it, Luis Felipe Scolari. The Chelsea performances of the last two seasons defensive yet steady. The performances had to get more pleasing on the owners eye, and if he wasn’t pleased today, I don’t know if he ever will be.

From the opening kickoff, Chelsea bullied Portsmouth around the park and exerted their dominance. From their opener twelve minutes in, to Deco’s blast one minute from the ninety, Portsmouth looked severely outclassed. It didn’t help that Portsmouth didn’t even bother to try and exert any initiative into any attack until about 2 minutes from halftime.

Chelsea’s passing was crisp, direct and straight to the point. Portsmouth couldn’t seem to stream more than one pass together before being dispossessed. Chelsea after about 20 minutes looked like they were toying with Portsmouth, Portsmouth didn’t have a response. Don’t let the ten shots fool you from Portsmouth, most of them came in two bunches that while testing Cech, were handled with some ease.

The one thing that had to be the most disheartening for Portsmouth was with how much ease early in the second half Chelsea was moving down the center of the park. It was surprising how out of position the defenders were for Portsmouth and how often David James was just a spectator to the sublime. Deco’s ball movement was near perfect. Jose Bosingwa did a good job pushing forward. Portsmouth look disjointed and started pushing for things that just weren’t attainable. It was evident to me how much they missed Sulley Muntari’s service from the midfield.

While it is unrealistic for Chelsea to have 37 more performances like this in the league, this was the perfect start for a new era in Chelsea football. For Portsmouth, well they’ve only got Manchester United to worry about.

A Couple of Other Observations
1) If Distin’s hand ball was penalty worthy, why wasn’t Ricardo Carvalho’s? Carvalho’s was much worse and in fact it was his arm that drove the ball out for a corner kick and looked more a parry save than an accidental hand ball.

2) Can Harry Redknapp revise his role for Peter Crouch? Everyone knows he isn’t that spectacular in the air and he didn’t have any opportunities to chest the ball down.

3) Maybe it was my own eyes, but did it seem to others that Portsmouth pretty much gave up in the final twenty minutes? It seemed that way to me.

1 comments: August 18, 2008 at 7:37 AM  

Great start for Chelsea but Pompey were truly awful. As you say they turned up in body but no more than that. I would suggest Chelsea wont have an easier game all season

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