Thoughts From a Frantic Second Half Saturday

23 August 2008

Well well well, could the first halves be any more boring than we saw this past weekend? I think this was the most boring collective first forty-five minutes in the Premier League since I've started following.

Paddy Power got their press saying they would pay off Stoke City for relegation, now they get laughed at. Yes Stoke City are still relegation fodder when it's all said and done, but what a result for Stoke City. I saw this on the Telegraph's preview and didn't give it much thought. But is Stoke City at Stoke a bogey game for Villa regardless of division? I will have more on this game later this afternoon on this blog.

Speaking of Aston Villa, did Ince see something in Friedel that made Ince sell Friedel at such a bargain price?

Liverpool survived by the skin of their teeth against Boro and you have to feel bad for Boro. They played well for 95 minutes (yes I include the first half stoppage time), and when the added time of the added time started in the second half, they blew it. Gerrard is always good for a rocket from that range and he took advantage of it.

Speaking of Middlesbrough, how bad is it when 2 of the 3 goals you have allowed this season have been own goals? However I expect the dubious goals committee to be taking a look at Liverpool's first goal.

Hull City start with a win and a next week a loss? All kidding aside, they scrap out another point and only need 36 points according to the Kevin Keegan school of Premier League survival to stay up another year.

Newcastle defended well but looked bad up front. Michael Owen though looked solid coming off the bench. Bolton...back to business as usual?

Tottenham have serious problems, that's all that can be said about their situation. It was painful at times to see them play against Sunderland and if the reports are true about Berbatov officially handing in a transfer request, the next few weeks are going to get extremely interesting at White Hart Lane.

Fulham deserved to beat Arsenal today. Arsenal were just that bad. It got to the point for me I gave up wishing on IKTS and just said screw it go Fulham.

Can you believe that after today, there are only 3 teams that have a chance at having the max points after two games?


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