The Third Half Prediction League Is Up!

01 August 2008

As I mentioned on yesterday's Third Half (scroll down), I am starting up a Premier League Predictions League this season.

For those who haven't heard of this game before, to me it's more addicting than Fantasy Football ever will be, and it takes less time to do weekly.

As the name would suggest, the goal is to correctly predict the scoreline on a weekly basis. You guess the scoreline on the nose, you get 30 points. You guess a draw correctly but not the scoreline, get 20 points. If you correctly predict a game but not the correct scoreline, but differential, you get 15. And if you just guess correctly, you get 10. Be careful though, you miss on the scoreline, you lose 10 points.

There is also a little intrigue thrown in. Two 'chips' sort to speak, each with their own pluses and minuses.

* The 'banker' chip doubles or triples your points for the week depending on where the teams you predict are on the table. If you guess on the nose, it's a major plus as not only do you triple your points, with each week you guess correctly you will get bonus points (up to 20 points per week). However miss, you lose 20 or 30 points.

* The 'insurance' chip gives you the chance to pick a game you aren't so sure what the scoreline is going to be and if you're wrong, not lose any points. I hate this chip the most because most of the time this is the game you will either guess right on the nose.

If you are signed up for this year's Fantasy Football with CSRN, your already half way there. Click here, and with the same fantasy football log in information, log in.

Game On!

Once you have logged in and registered, click on mini-leagues on the left hand side. You'll see "Join a Private Mini-League" and in the box enter FCDF4-HLB. Once you hit submit, you're registered.

First place is still to be determined. At the least it will be an item of your choosing from the CSRN Shop. If there is anything else to be added, I will let you know.

If you have any questions, go to the official Predictions League thread on the CSRN Message Board.


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