Premier League Predictions: Gameweek 3

29 August 2008

Third Half Chat times this weekend:

Saturday from 9:30 and 7:25 pm.

Sunday from 8:15 am.

As I forgot to mention the full match review games on this week's show, here they are. Middlesbrough v Stoke City (The Gods must not like me at the moment with Stoke City) and Sunderland v Manchester City.

Can we not talk about last week's predictions please? Well I guess you want to laugh at me with the same intensity I kicked my own backside. Only five predictions correct (eleven of twenty so far this season), missed the banker entirely (one for two on banker predictions). The only two solaces I had was placing the insurance chip on a game that lost me no points (two for two in that category) and getting one score right on the nose (so far the only one this season). Even doing better than Mark Lawrenson didn't comfort how bad I was last week.

So here's this weekend's installment of predictions banker to insurance. Again all times are Eastern and replay times are subject to change without notice.

Banker Game: Chelsea v Tottenham (Sunday 8:30 am Setanta Sports. Replays: Sunday 7 pm, Monday 6 pm, Tuesday 12:45 pm, Wednesday 2:45 pm). I almost feel for Tottenham right now as they are stuck with a sourpuss in Berbatov, and problems scoring goals. I have a feeling Chelsea are going to run riot over Tottenham. Oh and I wouldn't be surprised if we saw a red or two here. Chelsea 3 Tottenham 0.

Bolton Wanderers v West Bromwich Albion (Saturday 10 am. Setanta Sports Saturday 2:15 pm, Sunday 4:15 pm, Monday 8 am, Tuesday 9:15 am, Wednesday 12:45 pm, Thursday 11 am). I see this game going one of two ways depending on if Elmander plays. If he's passed fit and plays, I don't see this being much of a contest. If he doesn't play, it will be a tight little affair. West Brom though have nothing up front and Bolton should pick up the result. Bolton Wanderers 1 West Bromwich Albion 0.

Hull City v Wigan Athletic (Saturday 10 am. No TV). Hull City have to be riding the highest of highs after their first two results while Wigan have been ‘so close but yet so far' in their first two. I don't see much changing here. Well maybe Dean Windass finally getting on the park. Hull City 2 Wigan Athletic 1.

Middlesbrough v Stoke City (Saturday 10 am. Setanta Sports 4 pm, Monday 11 am & 2:45 pm, Thursday 6:15 am and 12:45 pm). I think Middlesbrough will take the lessons learned from last week and apply them here. Stoke City will give them a fight that's for sure, but I see Mido yet again proving the difference with a late winner, possibly in second half injury time. Middlesbrough 2 Stoke City 1.

Arsenal v Newcastle United (Saturday 12:15 Fox Soccer Channel. Replay: Monday 1 pm). This game proves to be an interesting one. Arsenal looked good midweek but have looked absolutely awful in their first two Premier League games. Maybe Wednesday was good for them, but at the same time Newcastle have Michael Owen working back to being fully fit and we saw how dangerous he was last weekend. That said however, Arsenal at home should do the business. Arsenal 2 Newcastle United 0.

Sunderland v Manchester City (Sunday 10 am. Fox Soccer Channel 4:30 pm). I see Manchester City struggling on the road all season. Sunderland is looking a decent side that despite losing their home opener to Liverpool, should get their fair share of results at home. The only question I have for Sunderland is who do they start up front. Even with that said, Sunderland should get the three points. Sunderland 3 Manchester City 1.

West Ham United v Blackburn Rovers
(Saturday 10 am Fox Soccer Channel and Setanta Broadband 2. Replay Wednesday 3 am). West Ham were ripped apart last weekend but the comforts of home could do them good. Jason Roberts is starting to emerge as a second option with Roque Santa Cruz, and that should worry most Premier League teams. I expect one of them to nab a late game winner. West Ham United 0 Blackburn Rovers 1.

Everton v Portsmouth (Saturday 10 am. Setanta Sports from 9:45 am. Replays: 5:45 pm, Sunday 2:15 pm, Monday 12:45 pm, Tuesday 2:45 pm, Thursday 10:30 am). Tough game for me to call. If it had to be said, I seriously thought about putting my insurance chip on this game. However Portsmouth are struggling mightily up front and Everton at home should have just enough to take all three points. Everton 1 Portsmouth 0.

Insurance Game of the Week: Aston Villa v Liverpool (Sunday 11 am Fox Soccer Channel. Replay Thursday 3 pm). This game has Liverpool late winner written all over it to me, but I've just got a gut feeling Aston Villa was share the spoils. Either way, expect there to be plenty of tension. Aston Villa 2 Liverpool 2.

These are my thoughts on the weekend, what are yours?


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