Updates on Emmanuel Adebayor and Gareth Barry

04 July 2008

First off, happy 4th of July to everyone in America. Let us not forget what this day is truly all about.

It's amazing in this 24 hour news world how fast stories change and develop. I went over one story in full on this week's installment of The Third Half, I talked in full about Emmanuel Adebayor and how that story had changed. Well suffice to say, it's only changed even more.

I'll start from where Barcelona's bid of 25 millions pounds was denied. If I would have been Arsene Wenger and saw that offer, I'd probably be laughing to hard to say or write no on the sheet of paper required.
This is where I am left scratching my head. The Guardian is reporting that AC Milan is balking at having to offer 35 million pounds, while the Telegraph is reporting that Arsenal is considering a 30 million pound deal from Barcelona. This reads to me that AC Milan were never really a serious contender. It's amazing to me that AC Milan didn't think that the biding was going to get this high. In today's overinflated market, it seems that AC Milan (or any other Italian club), doesn't have the money it's going to require to get star players in their prime. That isn't a good thing for the game.
Another thing to that spinet of news is the fact that while AC Milan are saying 35 million pounds, Barca are only bidding 30 and Arsenal are considering it. Is this sour grapes from AC Milan because they can't afford him and a club like Barcelona can?
Oh and one other thing, you would think that Emmanuel Adebayor would have learned from the lessons Gareth Barry just gave him. To have his agent come out and claim that Arsenal haven't done enough, it is a slap in the face for what Wenger and the club have given him already. The last thing you want is the same standoffish attitude Aston Villa are taking, saying such things will only speed that process up.
On the Barcelona end to this, in something that I can only describe as a political trick, Albert Vicens is warning that a vote of no confidence could undermine everything they are trying to do on the transfer market. While they is true, don't you think it's just a little too late to be trying that trick? Stability is needed at any club for any long term success, but making the changes made even from before the season ended last season doesn't help that.

This brings me to Gareth Barry. It is very apparant what Aston Villa want for Barry, and nothing short of 18 million pounds is going to be rejected without a second thought. This was after they rejected a 15 million pound offer and rumors started circulating that Liverpool had reached 'final offer' status, Liverpool quickly denying those claims.
If it didn't get any juicier, Gareth Barry has been banned from training with Aston Villa. I don't think Barry was realizing who he was messing with, someone who has a hot head and isn't afraid to put someone in their place. But in reality, this is probably the best thing to do. He's already been fined for those comments and Randy Learner has seen his fair share of hold outs before. It's simply for Villa, either Liverpool pay what Villa want for Barry or Barry can sit and rot away not getting any action (or any call ups to the National Team).

What both of these situations show is a changing of the guard. No longer are these clubs going to be hijacked by players who demand to be moved and these clubs are not going to make irrational quick moves in doing so. These players are under contract and they better be damn well committed to the cause of helping the club they are under contract for. If players aren't happy, take it behind closed doors and work it out like a man instead of being cowards and using the media as your bastard child. The players no longer have the control of dictating where they want to go and immediately getting it. With valuations now as high as they are, players better make sure before signing their contract that the terms in it are exactly what they want.


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