The Third Half 006 is Live

03 July 2008

This week’s The Third Half is live. You can download directly from here, via the On Demand player, or you can subscribe to the show via iTunes.

On this week’s show.
1: Plenty of news discussion from the past week.
* The story of Kenny Mansally attempting to get back to Foxboro for the game against Toronto FC.
* My thoughts on Conde v Blanco in the locker room.
* Can KC's schedule actually get tougher than playing six on the road?
* The twisted saga of Emmanuel Adebayor over the past couple of weeks (will update this tomorrow).
a) AC Milan feel deal can't be made.
b) George Weah urges AC Milan to make deal.
c) Daily Mail runs story saying Adebayor wants 4 times what he is making now or he wants out.
d) Adebayor says he will see out his contract.
e) Or will he?
f) Adebayor makes the claim that him leaving will benefit Arsenal.
g) Wenger weighs in and says he feels Adebayor will see out contract. At the same time, Adebayor is claiming he wants out if Barca or AC Milan come calling.
h) Adebayor finally says he favors a move to Barcalona.
i) Martin Samuel nails this story saying this has reached the point of no return.
*Gareth Barry v Martin O'Neil.
* Champions League Revenue to be redistributed in a new way?
* The morning to night change about Rafa Benitez and 50 million pounds.
* Paul Robinson out at Spurs?
* A new referee, with an aging referee getting one more year.

2) I give some quick thoughts on the Euro 2008 Semi-Finals with more discussion on the final and where the two finalists go from here.

3) Quick recap of the previous weekend in MLS with a little rant about ESPN and their treatment of last Thursday's game.

4) Brief preview of the weekend to come in MLS.

I hope you all have a happy and safe 4th of July weekend. I'll update this blog for Soccer Saturday night in America. Please leave your comments either here, on the message board, or at

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