Superliga Matchday 1 Group B Stream of Conscious

14 July 2008

New England v Santos
* I wonder if Santos is thinking to themselves 'a competition like this and we have to degrade ourselves to playing on something that should be used in making garbage bags or credit cards'?
* A half hour into this game all I can think of 'nil draw'.
* Reason being, besides a high number of fouls, no one has put a chance on goal that I thought was going in.
* Castillo to Peralta and Reis gets called into duty I don't think he was expecting. But it was right at head, it was going to be saved.
* I would like to know what was going through Juan Pablo Rodriguez's mind when he decided to throw the elbow squarely into the mouth of Nyassi? I'm glad the linesman got it right because once we were able to actually see the incident, the only two words that came to my mind were 'red' and 'card'.
* Michael Parkhurst lucky that Larentowicz was coming central as that tackle to Vuoso would have qualified him for a Patriots tryout.
* At halftime, all I can think about is how dead the crowd appears to be. It doesn't help the play hasn't done much to get them into the game. The Revs took forty-four minutes but finally are starting to slowly take control of the game. My hope is that the second half is much better because even with the late surge from New England, all that keeps coming into my mind is 'nil draw'.
* Arce's shot should be a warning to New England that Santos does not fear them, even down a man.
* The New England Revolution fans should be ashamed of themselves tonight of all nights. We can debate the merits of this competition until we are blue in the face, but the fact is MLS cleared these teams schedules so these teams could take this competition seriously. The fact the fans seem like they are attending a funeral is embarrassing to the organization as a whole.
* Well it took long enough for a goal and well taken from Dube. Nyassi does well to dispossess Mares at the top of the attacking third, and the dummy from Phelan was perfect. Dube had the benefit of having traffic prevent Sanchez from getting to that.
* Nice to hear Nyassi get the obviation he got coming off.
* I would assume Steve Nicol is not happy with how this first game went. Yes, they got the goal but beside Nyassi, I cannot think of a single bright spot on the pitch for New England. If it wasn't for the stupidity of Juan Pablo Rodriguez, this game probably ends on a nil draw. Really New England had 3 decent scoring opportunities, the same amount Santos had as well.

Chivas USA v Pachuca
* Kljestan should have buried Bornstein's centering pass for 1-0, the crossbar unkind. I am really interested in seeing how Bornstein plays in the midfield. With as forward as he likes to play, it's only natural for Preki to give it a shot.
* Live I questioned the penalty decision, but on the replay it was the right call. You can't raise your arms and give the appearance of punching the ball away. However the penalty went for naught as Claudio Suarez got the keeper to guess wrong, but still couldn't slot home the penalty.
* I am honestly surprised with how the opening fifteen minutes have gone. Ante Razov the beneficiary of some bad defending from Pachuca, the goal well taken.
* Agree with the booking to Mendoza. The studs were showing on the tackle of Aguilar. Marioni despite being heavily marked still was able to get that header on target. From that close, it isn't going to be stopped.
* I wonder how much Chivas USA will regret missing their chances once this is all said and done. They should at least be 2-1 up right now.
* And as I talk about Chivas USA regretting chances, Gerardo Carlos Rodriguez did well to get into space down the wing, but it was just awful from the Chivas USA back four as Caballero was unmarked in the penalty area. That is just unforgivable, even more so with a cold keeper. That's the second goal he wasn't at fault for.
* Great save by Calero to deny Razov. I thought that was the equalizer.
* Good field positioning from Parker to save Caballero, a save I don't think Guzan would have made because he would have been scrambling from the near post.
* Chivas USA took some time in the second half, but they to me have finally started turning the screw in their direction. With about 15 minutes to go, I am sensing at least one maybe two more goals. Now watch that not happen.
* Another good save from Parker to deny Rojas. That is a save Guzan wouldn't have made because he would have left the five hole wide open just like he did for Steven Gerrard.
* When the story is written for this game, it will boil down to missed chances from Chivas USA. They controlled the first fifteen and final 25 minutes, but were unable to get the final ball home. I thought for Lance Parker tonight, he did about as good a job as he could. His back line let him down off the free kick for 1-1 and Caballero's game winning goal. However with that said, Chivas USA hung tough with probably the best team in the group and should fancy their chances of getting out of the group. I think they win on Wednesday, it all boils down to if they can beat New England.

For more coverage of both games tonight, check out the analysis from the American Soccer Spot. New England v Santos, Chivas USA v Pachuca.


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