Superliga Group A Matchday 1 Stream of Conscious

13 July 2008

For those who have been following my blog from the very early outset, you are familar with the Stream of Conscious blog. For those who have only started following my blog since moving to CSRN, the premise of the blog is simple. I watch a game live and as I'm watching it just whatever comes to my mind about a particular situation during the game you'll see my opinion of it.

One thing about the English language video from the Superliga website. I thought the video qualify was much better than the MLSNet subscription you would pay for. However to not having it fully ready until about 8 minutes into the match and having to start in Spanish was a bit embarrassing. And you could steal a page from USL's web video department, a tiny scoreboard w/ at least the minute the game is in would be nice. It would also be nice for the Superliga website to at least have the starting lineups for both sides. If you found them on the website please let me know. Fair credit to ESPN's Soccernet for keeping regular updates on both Superliga games tonight.

DC United v Chivas de Guadalajara
* Have to agree with the referee for not taking Moreno’s bait on the penalty appeal. Went to the ground way too easily. However, where was the yellow card for simulation?
* Emilio, like the idea, hate the final execution right into the post. Even more so as the Chivas keeper was giving away the near post.
* DC United is lucky to not be down 1-0. McTavish and Namoff should have been in communication with Wells about who was going to be responsible for that ball, instead they nearly get burned
* DC United’s passing in the midfield is a little cause for the concern in the opening 20 minutes.
* Omar Arellano…let’s count the bodies, Simms, Burch and beats Wells. Simms has to clean it up in the midfield because Burch was out of position to track back effectively.
* Poor free kick from Burch, why DC didn’t have someone running onto the far post if that was the idea is beyond me.
* Morales should have made it 2-0. Santana gave him all the space he needed with the centering pass and then his shot was shielded well from Wells. For that fact, why Wells didn’t bother to make an attempt at trying to save it was beyond me.
* I have to give the referee credit for calling the back pass correctly. It doesn’t matter how tiny the pass was it was a pass. Emilio’s shot on goal though, disgusting. You have to be able to get that shot between the wall because they were moving.
* As the first half ends, all I can think of is how shambolic DC United looked. Chivas had their way regardless of where they were on the pitch. Chivas is passing at will, crossing with no problems whatsoever, and is closing DC United down without any hesitation. DC United’s shape was nonexistent, the 3-5-2 of Chivas giving DC United fits all over the park. Santana has been spectacular from my vantage point. What’s even worse is you can’t blame Wells for the Chivas goal.
* Much like the first half, DC United have started the second looking the better side on the field. That didn’t last for too long however.
* McTavish, just like Emilio. Emilio set him up perfectly and McTavish had the keeper beaten with the pace he had on that one.
* Who from the DC United organization turned off the lights.
* I have to admit I think that Chivas is getting a little cocky playing 9 behind the ball, while they have clearly been the better side, they have been beaten twice only to be saved by metal. However Chivas have been that good in the opening hour.
* How many chances are DC United going to blow? Argument for hand ball but a faint one at that to me. Emilio should have had a better shot.
* What a strike off the free kick by Pineda. No keeper in the world would have save that kick.
* Emilio, finally turns his back to goal and scores...something we haven’t seen him do at all with any confidence. Well taken goal.
* Wow is Emilio a man possessed. That was nothing but blistering pace to beat Olvera. Moreno though telegraphed that penalty and the keeper had no problem saving it. Scoring chance 3 that should have been a goal. A night of what ifs from DC United.
* I think the story of this game can be written in just a few lines. DC United had their chances to score and despite being outplayed still had a spot kick for an undeserved share of the spoils. Once the lights were restored, DC United were the better team, but from 2-0 down, the post shots came back to the forefront.
Chivas de Guadalajara has to guard against complacency moving forward, DC United needs to play a full 90 minutes and not just pray on the odd chance, because in my mind, the chances were about the same.

Houston Dynamo v Atlante
* I’m beginning to wonder if it’s a requirement of any facility AEG owns or rents for soccer that the field has to be the dodgiest looking thing around.
* Brad Davis’s free kick looked just too tall for me at first, but fair play to De-Ro for leaping at the last possible moment and getting enough to see the ball home. What the Atlante keeper was thinking is beyond me. He came out way too late.
* Atlante just allowed themselves to get stretched too thin on the second goal and Cameron picked out that pass perfectly to Holden.
* I would hate to be the man who was suppose to be marking Stuart Holden before it became 3-0. That spacing from Atlante’s back line was a joke.
* On the double red cards, Dwayne De Rosario should have just let play go on. You don’t run up and try and get a guy’s attention from behind by grabbing his shoulder forcibly and then getting in his face. However even stupider from De Rosario was not going to the official when he was called over. Personally I think the official was going to give a yellow for unsporting behavior and be done with him, but when he didn’t come over, he got the straight red. The irony is in the chat we were discussing when he should have been subbed out, now we won’t see him until their game against DC United. As for Javier Muñoz Mustafa, only an idiot throws a punch to the face and thinks they will get away with it.
* Cameron has done an exceptional job tonight getting the ball deep and finding the open man. Brian Mullan was unmarked until right after he shot. By then, just a little too late.
* If Ricardo Clark is going to give up reckless free kicks, he needs to be subbed.
* The final half an hour of this game seemed to me a worthless exercise as both teams just seemed to be going through the motions. Atlante finally looked like trying, but it didn’t last for long. The pace of the game dropped to levels you would expect from a training session.
* I think it’s safe to say that Atlante is treating this as games to tweak the squad. Houston better not think these next two games will be as automatic. Chivas de Guadalajara looked class against DC and DC v Houston is more than likely going to decide who comes second in this group.
* One more good performance from Houston in the group stages and I will eat my words about Houston finishing last (and everyone from Houston will have every right to take me to town for them).

These were my thoughts as the night unfolded, what were yours?


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