A simple message for Sepp Blatter and Cristiano Ronaldo

12 July 2008

I have to admit when I first read the comments from Sepp Blatter to Sky News, I did a double take. When I read them again, I was pretty much speechless. But a speechless blog is pretty much a worthless blog so after chewing on Blatter's words I came up with the only logical thing I could say...

Seppy Baby, SHUT UP!

I question if he really knows anything to the word slavery. These players do not work against their will or for free. The last time I checked, they get together either with the club themselves or have their agent discuss terms of a contract. Then a player signs that contract. No where in this process is a player doing something against their will.

I compare Blatter bringing up the Bosman law to nothing more than someone who took a sip of sour milk and crying about it. Once the Bosman rules took effect, teams had to adjust how they did business, just in the same manner players did. Up went the transfer fees, up went an agent's influence in contract negotiations. But more importantly, it changed how clubs had to structure contracts, something William Gaillard does a good job of reminding people about in UEFA's response to Blatter's rediculous comments. Now the length of the contract mattered, and trying to renegotiate a new contract started sometimes not long after the last one was signed. Again I'll say it and not just for posterity's sake; if you as a player do not like the length of your contract, DON'T SIGN IT!

Sepp, that is the message you should be sending to not only the players within the game, but also to every club. It is a slap in the face to everyone at Manchester United (not named Cristiano Ronaldo) that you are trying to influence the potential transfer of a player. The last time I checked by the way Seppy, you have a few more important problems on your hands than to be meddling in affairs that shouldn't even be your business. Don't you have a little problem with South Africa and the potential you may have to move the 2010 World Cup? Don't you have a little problem trying to make sure your 6+5 formula somehow gets put into place without the European courts getting in the way?

To Cristiano Ronaldo I say one thing, thank you for making it clear for the entire world to see exactly what you want and the lack of shame you are showing to the club that probably not only paid for your ankle operation, but is paying you over 100k a week now as it is. While the Guardian correctly states that Ronaldo stopped short of 'directly stating he wanted to leave Old Trafford', for someone who knows how to read between the lines of what some is saying, you directly said it. Comments like 'It's true. I agree with what the president of Fifa said. I know what I want and what I would like' is the clearest of intentions to even the most blinkered and blinded Manchester United fan what you want and the fact you agreed with what Sepp Blatter said tells me that in your mind you are already playing for Real Madrid.

I'm sick of this transfer speculation. But at this point, if Ronaldo stays at Manchester United for the upcoming season, I see nothing but the same exact scenario happening with David Beckham and his last season at Manchester United. While I am glad that those at Old Trafford are not backing down from their initial stance, it's blatantly obvious now that Ronaldo has used you for what he wanted and is ready to bail while giving you the middle finger in the process. At this point I'd let him go while taking Real Madrid to the cleaners in the process.

It'll teach Ramón Calderón a lesson, not to try and force these things through the media.


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