Rantlines: All Capello All The Time

14 December 2007

This is a special rantline devoted to the soon to be named England Manager.

I have to admit from a personal standpoint I pay lip service to the England National Team. I also say the same about Australia. I will always support the US National Team first because...well what can be said about being an American. I am American and I care about the National Team to the country I am a citizen of. The main reason I like to follow England and Australia is because (and I know this is going to sound corny) they are English speaking countries so it's easier for me to read stories on them. I will always support the US Team first and foremost, any other national team will always get second billing to me.

With that out of the way, this Capello signing has become a big deal.
The ball really started on this move Monday night in the UK after Jose Mourinho said no to the job. As I said this morning, and has been talked about elsewhere, it was the right thing for Jose to do. He can choose whatever big job in the world he wants right now, and to be honest if Jose is patient and really wants to manage internationally, he will probably have a chance to do so once Portugal are eliminated from Euro 2008. By the time it is all said and done, managing Portugal despite having Cristiano Ronaldo, Portugal will probably end up being a major overhaul as well. The players in the National Team set up there are older and they will need someone that can work around Ronaldo's strengths.

The cries of Capello not being English have already come out and they are not being kind at all. The League Managers' Association are crying foul about going foreign in the appointment of the England Manager. Steve Coppell of all people are leading the cries of Premier League managers about Capello becoming manager, a quote from Tony Adams states "I would have preferred an English manager. There are lots of them out there; Harry [Redknapp], Terry [Venables], Glen [Hoddle], Sam Allardyce and Steve Coppell." To English managers crying about this I say this, if you didn't say no from the start, or were fighting to get your side into the top four in the Premier League table, you may have gotten a better chance. Hell Harry Redknapp had a chance at the job, but ended up being questioned by police on bungs ending his hopes. The crying may have brought the best out of Robert Philip who has it spot on in saying that English managers are just simply out of favor in the rest of the world.
Other Managers across the world are giving Capello a resounding endorsement in taking the job. Claudio Ranieri feels he will end up becoming the most popular Italian in England, removing him from that perch. Even Marcello Lippi, the man who has led Italy to World Cup glory, had admitted that Capello was the better of the two men. While Ruud Gullit is more cautious about the appointment, he realizes the man is a winner. In a more wacky endorsement, the former England Manager Sven Goran Eriksson thinks it's a good signing. And in something that could only be in the Sun, the paper went to one of Fabio's many homes in Milan to wish him all the best in the job, to which Fabio responded “Thank you for your message of support.”
Players use to the coddling they received under Sven or McClaren will definitely be in for a culture shock once Capello begins his job. Theo Walcott got baited by the Sun, and ended up taking the bait about wanting an English boss. I think Theo realizes that it maybe just a little longer before he gets a recall to the side. While it surely nothing but fighting talk from the Times, they feel that David Beckham will still be in the fray for recalls to the national team. I think the most honest way to say things are if you do the business, you will stay in the team. If your form drops even slightly, expect to sit a while. As for this whole Beckham mess, if I were England, I would schedule a friendly with the United States sometime before qualifiers get into full swing next year and give him a token one-hundredth cap. That way he gets what he wants and you can market the game to the hilt as a one off that will never happen again.
It's pretty clear that Capello wants this job. While the FA may still need to work out some of the finer points, it's clear that by the Premier League kicks off on Saturday, Capello will be manager.

So now that you've seen all those stories, what do I think of this appointment. Well let's be brunt about it. England needs someone who is going to come in and point blank tell these players that they simply aren't good enough right now. They need someone who is going to be tough on the keepers and shore up the back. England needs someone who is going to devote his time to finding eleven players that will work as a team and mold them into a team. We don't need to go Capello's fine record as a club manager because it's second to none. The biggest questions that will surround him are simple enough. One being can he replicate his club form nationally and can he become the first manager to be a foreign manager to win a World Cup? While I question the ability of the players, Capello maybe the best person to realistically give them a fighting chance, only time will tell that tale.

Before I go I would like to give a quick update on my dad. He was admitted to the hospital this afternoon with an infection in one of his incision sites from surgery a month ago. They are currently fighting the infection with IV antibiotics and it looks like he will be in the hospital at least until Monday. I would like to thank those who have kept him in their thoughts and I thank everyone for being understanding about the off-on blogging schedule I've been keeping. I hope tomorrow night to be able to do another set of rantlines, but I will apologize in advance if I am unable to do so.

Until I write again, may the debate begin!

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