Rantlines...FA v Barton w/ Barton Winning, Jens Wants to go Well Let Him, Carson Finds a Home, and more

12 November 2007

I would first off like to apologize for not getting any more match reviews up this weekend. It's been a hectic night getting the house prepared for my dad's arrival home tomorrow. I'm happy to report that the surgical pain is starting to finally go away, and he's finally stopped chasing nurses. He's just happy to be coming home, and I'm just happy this ordeal is temporarily over.

That said, time to get a few things off my chest from the world of the Premier League.
It's time for the FA to get serious about retroactively banning players for dangerous play the referee obviously didn't see. The incident in question this go around happened around halftime of Sunderland/Newcastle when Joey Barton went studs up into the most sensitive bits of Dickson Etuhu. I just love the fact that one minute they are saying they want to use the video, but then quickly turn around and say they are not and cannot do anything about it. It's plainly obvious the referee didn't see the incident in question and in those matters, the last time I checked you were suppose to come in and be a voice of reason. What Barton got away with is simply inexcusable and the fact that you as an organization decide to do nothing only makes you look like a bigger joke to the rest of the world. Barton should have at least been brought up on charges, and that he isn't going to be. Would charges have been raised if this was a team in the top four? One would think probably so.

So Jens Lehmann is saying he wants to leave in January in order to save his international career. I have a feeling deep down in Arsene Wenger's mind he's already preparing the good bye speech that will be said about you as you head off to some mid table German club. Look Jens, your simply getting to that age where younger players will get a chance, you have to live with it. The fact that you just simply assume you'll be Germany's number one for the rest of time and that just isn't the case. Look, it's highly debatable that your the best keeper at Arsenal (it really is a case of Lehmann and Almunia being pretty much the same keeper) and the fact you've put yourself out there and slag off your manager about the situation your in makes look an utter fool and I will have no pity on you when you aren't the Germany number one. With the way you run your mouth, you simply don't deserve it.

So it appears that Scott Carson will no longer be a Liverpool pawn and will finally have a settled home as the full time Aston Villa keeper. The 22 year old appears to have finally taken roots at Villa and the fact Carson is as young as he is only makes this a wise move for Villa. Aston Villa get an improving keeper that will be a rock at the back (if he could get a little bit more help from his center backs) and a player that could be with the club for the next ten years. I applaud this as it was obvious he was going to end up being number 2 at Liverpool and in the end, Liverpool get a little bit of money back to cover some of those signings from last summer.

Quick Rants
Rafa Benetiz ought to be ashamed of himself for being thankful that Fernando Torres won't be called up by Spain. If I was Spain, I would call him up out of spite. Have we seriously gotten to the point where playing for your own country is meaningless? Statements like the one Rafa made should come with a heavy price...out of his own pocketbook.
So Paul Robinson says he wants to stay the number 1 at Spurs? Well Paul, why should anyone else want you considering the poor form you have been on? Be thankful that any club would want you as a number 1 right now.
Steve Gibson says that he isn't looking to replace Gareth Southgate. Would anyone be surprised now if he's the next manager to go? Isn't that almost like getting the not so vote of confidence?
Steve Bruce says that English player simply aren't good enough and wants to go after those from abroad in January. Thanks for telling us something the world already knows plenty about.

Remember, your feedback is always welcomed and appreciated. May the debate begin! Note: I will return Wednesday with some more ranting as I spend tomorrow with my dad as he gets out of hospital.


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