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22 November 2007

First off I have to say that there are many things I am thankful for this Thanksgiving day. I am thankful that my dad is still alive on this planet and thankful for the wonders of modern medicine and what it can do to people (On an aside, he's still not doing well. This recovery is taking longer than expected). I am thankful that I have the world's cutest niece in the world who is celebrating her first birthday today. I am thankful I still work in a decent enough job with wonderful benefits...
But I am extremely thankful that I am not now or ever going to be the manager of the England National Team.
Yes that 3-2 victory by Croatia on Wednesday was simply the straw that broke the camel's back. Steve McClaren, the man who in one qualification competition lost more points than one Sven Goran Eriksson did in his entire time as England manager, has finally been sent on his merry way. Now McClaren can change his story about what time he knew he was sacked, but I'm going to go with before 9:04 am when the Daily Mirror was the first to break the story that McClaren was sacked. All I know to say is that had to be the quickest meeting in the history of the FA. Meet at 8:30 probably drank a cup of java or tea, and then collective looked at each other and said he was sacked, to be finished by 8:45. The sad thing to this whole ordeal is McClaren should have done the right thing, the same thing Kevin Keegan did. He would have saved himself plenty of torment by just tendering his resignation instead of getting the sack. Then again, I can see 2.5 million reasons he didn't, that being his sad payoff. Memo to anyone writing a contract from now on, if you sack someone, there should be zero compensation for the fact they cannot do their job properly... you'll save plenty of money that way. McClaren can cry all he wants about this being the saddest day in his career, but I wonder how it pales in comparison to how those England fans were thinking the second they found out you were hired? If you McClaren think you're a better coach now than you were eighteen months ago, I would hate to think what you thought of your own skills then.
One thing I would be extremely wary about right now if I was an England National Team supporter is this one simple harsh reality. No manager in the history of the World Cup has won the title for a country other than the country of their birth. So when the odds makers have Jose Mourinho, Marcello Lippi, Fabio Capello and Martin O'Neil as favorites, that should tell you what the standard is with English managers...that being it's just not good. It's pretty comical when Niko Kovac is taunting England about how easy there were to beat.

Now I want one thing made perfectly clear from now on. Anyone who complains to me about gridiron lines on a pitch in any of my comments will have them instantly deleted. Why you may ask, the answer is quite simple. I have only heard of ONE (yes one) person in the blog world or print media scream about said lines from the game last night. That person being Giles Smith in the Times. And the fact he is blaming America for the condition of the pitch instead of Wembley for either scheduling the game or failing to replace the pitch when they had close to a month to do so is simply stupid and hypocritical on his part. Now to the rest of you lot who haven't made one mention of the gridiron lines. From now on, should you say anything about them during an MLS match simply goes to show you how much you do not care to see the league succeed. You are hypocritical because when you complain about one, you better get ready to complain for it all. As I've said before I have no problem with these lines, but the silence from everyone else about it on Wembley's surface on it's biggest European night in quite sometime makes my blood boil and only goes to show exactly how ignorant/hypocritical/stupid some people truly are.

So 250,000 quid is holding up Steve Bruce being announced as Wigan Athletic manager? That to me has to be the most comical thing I've ever seen in my life. You mean to tell me that of that three million you got from Wigan to approach Bruce in the first place wasn't enough? What's next Birmingham City, trying to approach Marcello Lippi? Oh wait you sadly thought you had a snowballs chance in hell at him. Look Birmingham City, be thankful you got three million from anyone to save you from having to pay him a compensation package and move on with life, like trying to find a proper manager. And you may not want to take your jolly sweet time either.

Quick Rants:
I give Gabriel Agbonlahor all the credit in the world for committing his future to Aston Villa despite Arsenal breathing down his throat. He took the lessons learned from seeing what happened with Petr Cech and Didier Drogba and applied them well.
So Sven is going to get another four million quid to stay around Manchester City and not be tempted from other clubs. Honestly I think Sven is perfectly happy to be at Manchester City simply to rub it into the big clubs in England that he actually was a good manager...and that it's already been proven.
So now Gordon Brown wants a home internationals next summer. Gordon stay out of sport and stick to politics. Though the sad thing is I could see this happening just to rub it into UEFA and Euro 2008. But why would you bother watching four countries who didn't get into Euro 2008?

Enjoy your Thanksgiving and I will be back tonight with a ninety minutes blog of Steve McClaren's last game in charge of England. Until then may the debate begin!


EPLNFL November 22, 2007 at 2:30 PM  

One of your best rants ever. Maybe thats because it's easy to rant at England right now.

On this Thanksgiving in the US`shouldn't we be thankful that we have a domestic league and national team (proudly men's and women's) that are building for better things in the future instead of complaining that past glory is not repeated.

Also, the idea of a UK domestic tournament is one of the worst idea's of all time. WHO CARES. Let me repeat that WHO CARES. Anyone who would buy a ticket for that event if held should be given a sobriety check.

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all.

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