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16 November 2007

So the Walt Disney Company is talking to Derby County? Make all the jokes you want to about their performances so far in the Barclay's Premier League, but this one makes sense for them...if they already didn't have an agreement with Chelsea Football Club. The deal with Chelsea, more at a youth level, still makes you seriously scratch your head this sudden interest in a side that looks destined to be relegated to the Championship this summer not to return for a while. It's really sad that the link to Chelsea wasn't mentioned in any reports about all this potential takeover talk, nor the speculation that this could be Disney's way in with the Premier League in regards to possibly trying to slip the Premier League TV rights away from FSC and Setanta. While Derby County could use the money that the Disney Company has, Disney has plenty of explaining to do in regards to having a contract in the United Stated with Chelsea, yet trying to buy Derby County.
Speaking of the whole US owners bit, can someone please tell Michel Platini that using the whole 'American way of thinking' bit is a complete waste of time and that it would have simply been wise to keep his mouth shut on this one? So it's only Americans who are only in it for money? It's only Americans that will try and change the rules? So Platini I am going to ask you a few questions that no one in Europe has the guts to ask you. One, please explain to me why the UEFA Champions League is full of 'non champions'? Two, please explain to me if it's not all about the money then why do you not complain about all the advertising boards along the side of the pitch and the big sponsor logo in the center of a team's kit? Three, do you seriously think Platini that it's only Americans who are wanting to change the rules so more cash can come in due to advertising breaks and that if Blatter could get away with saying it he would? The only thing in Platini's whole diatribe that makes any sense is the American owners in the Premier League should have invested more in the game here in the United States.

Well the talk of Foreign quotas have started again in the Premier League and it is nothing more than total hypocrisy on the part of the two people who are all of a sudden trying to champion it's cause. When Steve Coppell spoke about quotas, one could debate the point. However when Steven Gerrard starts talking about quotas, one seriously has to laugh directly in his face. Then it makes people start looking at both Reading's and Liverpool's first team rosters to see exactly how many 'English' players they have. Reading, well I'll give you credit because your first team roster has eleven players on it, but only half of them ever see game action. Liverpool, well they only have nine first team 'English' players, however only four will ever see any first team game action. The rest of them simply rot in reserves. If you were a foreigner playing under Coppell, could you look your manager in the eye after the comments he made and feel slighted because of the fact Coppell wants to potentially replace you for an English born player. If your a foreigner at Liverpool, how can you look your captain in the eye and play on the same pitch as him, knowing he wants to limit how many foreigners he wants to play along. It's obvious that this over reaction to the potential of England not qualifying for the European Championship is hypocritical on every front, and only thing to say about it is simple. Shut up and simply play football. If your English, do more work and maybe just maybe, you'll get on the park more often and Premier League teams may not have to feel the need to go out and get foreign investments.

So the keeper in the helmet is now backtracking on comments made that he would be keen on making a move to Barcelona? Do players not realize that in today's media world, people do not forget the original story and that people are simply not that stupid to see a backtrack when they see one? When Didier Drogba made comments about wanting to leave Chelsea this upcoming summer, he instantly went into suck up mode; wearing the blue shoes and suddenly upping his work rate to the form that Chelsea fans came to love. Cech, do everyone a favor. Next time someone asks you about joining another club; just say that you are not thinking about a move, don't intend to think about a move, and that you love playing for the club you're currently at.

Quick Rants
Just when you thought Jose's name had left Premier League minds, he takes a swipe at Arsene Wenger yet again. If he's slamming Wenger now, boy isn't going to be interesting what he says should Liverpool not qualify out of the Champions League group stage to the knockout round?
Don't you just have to love all the talk from the English media about why the FA won't back McClaren? Thanks for telegraphing to the entire world that at 10pm GMT Wednesday that you have sacked him? If this news leaked out ala Martin Jol, could you see the fans at Wembley giving him the 'good bye' song?
So Liverpool is saying they will get rid of Peter Crouch for 10 million in January. When Sven Goran Eriksson heard that news, how fast did he call the owner for the funds so that at 12:01 am on January 1, he could make a bid and pick him up for Manchester City? And is it not sad that Sven seems to be the only manager that has any faith in the player?
It's very hard for me to believe these numbers, but is it not sad that Bolton have claimed in their financial report they spent 41.9 million pounds on players over the last fiscal year, and currently sit in 18th? It only makes the words from Platini only ring more hollower.


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