Rantlines: Manager's Transfer, Memo to Liverpool Players, Rafa May Wish He Didn't Snub Bayern Munich and more.

20 November 2007

I would like to welcome those who read this blog on Word Press to the fold as I start up today's wacky world of the rantline.

The first thing I want to spend a few minutes discussing is the three million pound transfer of Steve Bruce from Birmingham City to Wigan Athletic to be Wigan's new gaffer. The one comical bit to this is that Chris Hutchings is backing Bruce, like he has any say in this matter. One line in the above linked article caught my interest. That line, the quote from Dave Whelan where he says "You would think nothing of paying £3 million for a player, to have a manager of his quality - it's a very cheap price to pay." When you look at it that way he's right, but it makes you scratch your head for two reasons.
The first reason being why on God's green earth would you say that in a public forum knowing that from here on out, that figure will now probably start at double for other clubs (including yourself Wigan should you see yourself in another managerial bind when you screw up another signing). To basically say that managers can be transfered from club to club and thinking it's going to be this cheap in the future is absurd at best considering good players start between seven to ten million. Sure you got Bruce on the cheap because of his uncertainty at Birmingham City and the fact there was a real possibility he would be sacked once new ownership took over, and that it would have been easier for them to just take the three million and run instead of paying his buyout clause, but now you just gave carte blanc to let other owners hijack the negotiation process knowing they will be able to get more money. Now yes owners of managers under contract should be able to get the best deal they can possibly get, but why advertise something you didn't have to. If you haven't guessed the second reason by now, this is just another prime example of how much money is being spent in today's Premier League environment.

A memo to current and any future Liverpool player, do you think you could possibly invest better in anything that resembles a proper security system? A fifth (yes you read that number right) Liverpool player was burglarized Thursday and this time the target was none other than Dirk Kuyt. Add him to a list that includes Peter Crouch, Jerzy Dudek, and Daniel Agger. Let's look at a few simple realities here...
1) If someone wants to burglarize your home, don't you realize that the public pretty well knows your schedule and other particulars. It isn't difficult to find addresses to your work schedule is pretty well public.
2) A high price security system may take away from buying that Porsche or Lamborghini for another month, but they are getting cheaper every day.
3) Even with your salary, couldn't you hire an off duty police officer to patrol your house when you know your going to be gone?
However it does make you ask the question...would you want to live in Liverpool when it appears that's where all these burglaries are happening?

This story to me is just funny. If your Rafa Benetiz, knowing that this is probably your last season at the club unless you by hook or by crook win either the Champions League, Premier League, or FA Cup, wouldn't you keep your options open? Why would you reject the notion of possibly going to a club next season that by all means is loaded thinking that as long as you finish in the top four and make deep runs in the Champions League everything is going to be alright? Eventually ownership may think that you've just hit a wall that you can't climb over and will just look for someone else to get them over the hump. If your a Liverpool supporter, of course your going to be happy that Rafa isn't looking for another job, but don't you have to have a little bit of doubt that he could get the sack at the end of this season?

Quick Rants
I just laugh at the complaining from those inside Chelsea crying about the fact Avram Grant is facing Monday morning classes in Israel so he can get his coaching badges. Look Chelsea insiders, you knew when you hired him as your gaffer that he didn't have his badges and was going to need them pronto. Also for someone who has been in coaching since age eighteen, wouldn't you have sometime in your busy life just went ahead and kept your badges current?
Speaking of Chelsea, so now Michael Ballack is ready to play for the club again. Anyone want to take bets on how fast he's crocked again? Just pick a charity and a reasonable amount and we'll pool the monies together and the winner will have the whole lot donated in your name. Ballack may have come to Chelsea on a free, but so far he maybe an even bigger waste of money than the 30 million quid failure. At least Sheva gets a goal every once in blue blowout.
You have to feel a little sad for Staines Town right now. With their FA Cup first round replay canceled due to a waterlogged pitch, they appear to have potentially lost 75,000 pounds they could have put to good use. Hopefully Sky Sports will do the reasonable thing and put their match on when it's rescheduled, but I'm not holding my breath on it.
So Roy Keane will only get fifteen million pounds should Sunderland stay in the Premier League? I hate to say this, but that may only get you one maybe two players next summer unless you have the best scouts in the history of the world.
Peter Crouch says he's happy to play the lone striker role should he be required on Wednesday. Honestly with a better scoring record than Wayne Rooney, it's not the worst idea I've heard of. Then again, Crouch has always needed someone else up front to play against.
Until I write again, all feedback is welcomed and appreciated!


tyduffy November 20, 2007 at 9:30 AM  

I'm sure the burglar was an Everton supporter.

Presencia November 10, 2008 at 3:04 PM  

Interesting to know.

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