Rantlines: Manager Number Six, Could Rafa Be Seven? Allardyce Be Eight? And More.

26 November 2007

So I guess two games quickly turned into one. If your to believe the reports from last week, Billy Davies only had two games to turn around his fortunes at Derby County or he was a goner. It doesn't matter much now because after a 2-0 defeat and the fact Davies said in his post match presser he wanted five minutes with Pearson, Billy Davies becomes the sixth manager, and second after immediately playing Chelsea, to have either been sacked or left the club by mutual consent. Jose Mourinho, Sammy Lee, Martin Jol, Chris Hutchings, and Steve Bruce have already left the club they started the season with, a scary thought that thirty percent of the managers have already turned over. After this episode let's make one thing perfectly clear, the new vernacular to a sacking has changed to 'left the club by mutual consent'. Davies, the man who after two failed promotion attempts at Preston North End, got Derby County up at his first attempt at Derby County. However looking completely out of his element in the Premier League ultimately sealed his fate. Moral of the story, some managers are best to stay in the Championship and once getting a side promoted, finding someone who can keep the team up.
The scary thing is...we may not be done with manager sackings before Christmas. It looks like the man who could be leading the sack race right now could be none other than Rafa Benetiz. The sadder thing is this could be totally averted, yet Rafa is heading for a collision course that will only see him jobless. For all the money you have spent Rafa, let's face it you should already have a squad capable of getting results when you need them. To criticize your bosses because as you claim, 'They don't understand what the transfer window means in Europe' when you were given plenty to work with over the summer is an embarrassment to your own credibility. Tom Hicks is one percent in the right to tell you to quit the whining and I don't know DO THE JOB YOU WERE HIRED TO DO IN THE FIRST PLACE. And while your at it, maybe getting a core starting lineup instead of this rotation commotion wouldn't hurt either. Just know this Rafa, you don't make the second round of the Champions League and you'll be getting the Jose treatment, you know the one you had so much fun with.
And to add to that list, could Sam Allardyce be the eighth manager to see the ax this season? When your own fans have already turned on you chanting 'you don't know what your doing', something left for referees and not managers, you have to admit your on extremely thin ice. Yes no one likes losing, but fans don't like seeing their side go 3-0 down after fifteen minutes (the game before), fans leaving that game soon thereafter. This past weekend, most left right after the second half began. The fans have given you a directive Sam, there will be no time to rebuild this team. You simply have to produce with what you've got. The bad thing Sam is you simply have not and the fans are ready to turn their backs on you in exactly the same vein you did Bolton at the end of last season.

Quick Rants:
Message to Avram Grant, worry about getting your coaching badges and not appealing a stupid red card Michael Essien picked up over the weekend. That worthless punch should see him on the end of a five game ban and appealing it could make that ban longer.
Thank you Juande Ramos for stating the obvious that Spurs central defense needs lots of work. Just imagine how good Spurs would be had they had two competent people in that position?

Back with more match reviews tonight, until then may the debate begin!


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