Live Blog: Chivas USA v Kansas City Leg 2

03 November 2007

For Kansas City, all they have to do is hold serve. Chivas needs one, and with the injuries they have had up front, will they be able to get the vital goal to at least force extra time, or win by two to advance and host Houston next Saturday?

Chivas USA: 18 - Brad Guzan (GK) 2 - Claudio Suarez 4 - Shavar Thomas 6 - Francisco Mendoza 8 - Ramon Nunez 11 - Maykel Galindo 13 - Jonathan Bornstein 15 - Jesse Marsch 16 - Sacha Kljestan 25 - Lawson Vaughn 26 - Paulo Nagamura Substitutes 22 - Preston Burpo (GK) 10 - Laurent Merlin 12 - John Cunliffe 21 - Jason Hernandez 23 - Alex Zotinca 32 - Anthony Hamilton 77 - Orlando Perez
Kansas City: 1 - Kevin Hartman (GK) 2 - Michael Harrington 3 - Nick Garcia 5 - Kerry Zavagnin 7 - Eddie Johnson 9 - Sasha Victorine 11 - Kurt Morsink 12 - Jimmy Conrad 14 - Jack Jewsbury 19 - Scott Sealy 22 - Davy Arnaud Substitutes 24 - Eric Kronberg (GK) 6 - Jose Burciaga Jr. 16 - Eloy Colombano 20 - Tyson Wahl 21 - Lance Watson 26 - Ryan Raybould 29 - Ryan Pore

First Half:
Minute 1: Kansas City kick off.
Minute 3: Johnson gets the ball across the face of goal. Victorine on the other end to collect, crosses to Arnoud and his header misses wide of the near post. Still no lineups posted on MLS Net. If this would have been the Galaxy would it be up by now?
Minute 4: Eddie Johnson tries to chip one to the far post and over Guzan, but it was never a threat on goal and Chivas get the goal kick.
Minute 5: Lineups posted, will have them as soon as I can copy and paste.
Minute 6: Lineups posted.
Minute 7: Johnson from 30 and always going over the crossbar and out for a goal kick. Has to get into a better position and not shoot on sight.
Minute 9: Sealy isn't unable to take the pass from Johnson off the mistake in the Chivas back and Guzan saves. Kansas City keep possession...until Eddie Johnson ventures offside.
Minute 10: Have Chivas has any decent possession so far?
Minute 11: Arnaud takes the ball from Mendoza. Mendoza feels he was fouled and the ref says play on. So what does Mendoza do? If you guess foul Arnaud at the first attempt, you would be correct.
Minute 12: Hartman gets his first touch of the ball having to collect, from a shot 30 yards out. Chivas look a neutered side early on.
Minute 13: Nagamura from 35 goes wide of the far post. Hartman didn't look like he was ready to make that save.
Minute 15: Chivas earn the first corner of the game. Nunez takes and Harman punches out and in the end Kansas City earns the throw.
Minute 17: Garcia does well to mark Galindo and Jewsbury clears for KC...only temporarily.
Minute 19: Nunez taken down by Conrad and the referee says play on. Conrad gets the ball first before Nunez goes down. Good no call.
Minute 20: Brad Guzan does well to collect a tricky shot from Johnson that bounces next to the feet.
Minute 21: Chivas forget what an offside trap looks like.
Minute 22: Arnaud just a little to strong trying to switch play to Victorine. Off the throw, Zavagnin catches Nagamura from behind and it's a Chivas free kick.
Minute 23: The resulting possession off the free kick for Chivas...
Minute 24: Is cleared when Hartman denies Galindo and the Wizards defense clears.
Minute 25: Hartman with two great parry saves. Thanks to those lovely folks at Metro Sports and the fact the Chivas numbers on my TV are only readable on close ups, I can't tell you who made Hartman do all the work.
Minute 26: Mendoza plays to Galindo, but Hartman beats Galindo to the ball. Chivas are slowly starting to look dangerous.
Minute 27: Jewsbury catches the ankle of Mendoza and Chivas earns the free kick. Nunez takes and KC clear for a Chivas throw. Jewsbury clears the danger for now, however there was a strong cry for handball, and it should have been given against Jewsbury for a penalty.
Minute 28: Jewsbury with another block, this one off a Nunez shot.
Minute 30: Galindo is unable to do anything with Vaughn's centering pass. Garcia with good marking there.
Minute 32: Free kick to Chivas that Marsch takes. Chivas are looking to use possession too break down KC and it works here, until a Chivas shot is blocked by a player wearing the same colored uniform. Is Kansas City playing too defensively here?
Minute 34: Eddie Johnson earns KC a free kick, and a chance to hold some possession. Johnson took a dive and that should have been a yellow card.
Minute 37: KC counters through Harrington, but the pass for goal was just weak. That should have been held up if he's going to try something that questionable.
Minute 39: Offside on Sealy and that looked on. Suarez took Sealy down and had he stayed on, Chivas would have been playing with 10 men and this tie would have been over.
Minute 40: Mendoza starts the Chivas counter, but Conrad denies the pass into Galindo.
Minute 41: Arnaud catches Mendoza from behind and Chivas earn the free kick. The spell of possession ends when Marsch's shot goes wide of the far post. Chivas are just not getting anything on the goal mouth.
Minute 44: Sealy unable to find Johnson on the edge of the penalty. Just a little too heavy with that one.
Minute 45: Kljestan just wide of the near post. This was a hectic series that saw a strong penalty shout after Jewsbury takes a Chivas man down. Kljestan gets his shot deflected on the way in and had it not, Hartman was beaten. There was one minute of first half stoppage time, but nothing of note happens.
First Half Thoughts: Well Kansas City are living on the edge of danger right now. They are defending deep, and have done a good job not giving Chivas an easy look from inside the penalty area. Chivas for all the possession they have had haven't broken down Kansas City with any regularity. They however towards the end of the first half start to get decent half chances, but they also looked more susceptible to the counter. With the way this game is going now, one would think Chivas will get a goal just on the fact KC is starting to defend deep.

Second Half
Minute 46: Chivas USA kick off.
Minute 47: Galindo is called on the foul on Harrington. Right call as he tried to shove Harrington off the ball.
Minute 49: Bornstein gets the ball on the overlap, but then gets caught in the corner. Chivas keep possession but Nunez sees his shot blocked...
Minute 50: Chivas keep the ball off the deflection and Hartman has to collect as the centering ball was off Victorine.
Minute 51: Kljestan deflects a centering pass off Harrington and Chivas win the corner. Nunez takes and the header from Thomas misses the far post well wide. Good ball in, poor header.
Minute 53: Yellow Card Francisco Mendoza. Mendoza clips Johnson late without making a play on the ball.
Minute 54: Kljestan lays off to Nunez, and Garcia blocks the shot. Again, good team defending by Kansas City.
Minute 55: Arnaud counters down the right wing. He picks out Eddie Johnson, but his shot goes right into the chest of Guzan. Kansas City needs more of that.
Minute 59: Dangerous free kick for Chivas. Nunez finds Thomas and his ball is out for a corner. Off the corner, Thomas's header is cleared off the line by Morsink. Nunez gets the ball back, and is unsuccessful in finding Thomas at the far post.
Minute 61: Free kick to KC in a dangerous spot. Arnaud's ball in is cleared to the edge of the penalty area, but the resulting shot goes wide of the far post.
Minute 63: Nunez booked for a dangerous two footed tackle on Victorine. That should have been a red card for violent conduct.
Minute 65: Eddie Johnson fouled for a late challenge on Nunez.
Minute 67: Free kick to Kansas City after Arnaud is fouled.
Minute 68: Ryan Pope on. Missed who it was for.
Minute 69: Mendoza does well to find Galindo. Galindo gets a good shot off...OFF THE WOODWORK. Oh my that has to be 1-0 to Chivas.
Minute 70: Mendoza from 22 and Hartman makes a responsible save.
Minute 71: Ryan Pore from the edge of the 18, but can't bend the ball far post. Decent half chance for KC and it only takes 1 now you would think from KC to put this series out of reach.
Minute 72: Great challenge from Conrad to deny Galindo a shot on goal.
Minute 74: Chivas keep possession until Vaughn is unable to keep the ball in play.
Minute 74: John Cunliffe on, Ramon Nunez off. 4-3-3 time for Chivas.
Minute 76: Arnaud with a decent quarter chance...but right at Guzan.
Minute 77: Galindo again in another dangerous spot, but finds the side netting. He got in front of the ball and had to wait for it to come to him before shooting, never a good thing.
Minute 78: Question from JR. " Is this match as boring as it appears to be in the blog?" Answer, wouldn't say boring is the right word. KC is playing just a little too defensively but at the same time Chivas can't do nothing with the ball in promising positions. Basically one sided with the dominating side not being able to do anything in the final third.
Minute 79: Suarez denies Johnson's pass on the counter to Sealy. I'd almost be willing to put money on Kansas City getting a goal before Chivas does at this rate.
Minute 81: Chivas USA look completely devoid of any attacking ideas and are starting to look like a side that has given up.
Minute 82: Anthony Hamilton off, Francisco Mendoza on. Preki is getting desperate now.
Minute 82: Jose Burciaga on, Scott Sealy off. Chivas now only have more defenders to deal with now.
Minute 84: I know Sean Wheelock is trying to hype up the importance of one Chivas goal, but at this rate, I don't want another thirty minutes of what I've seen so far. Kansas City are playing like they know this game is over and Chivas are letting them get away with it.
Minute 87: Davy Arnaud fouled by Jesse Marsch and KC is taking it's jolly sweet time taking it. Fair play to them, all they had to do is shut Chivas down tonight and with one exception where Galindo went off the post, they have done so extremely well. You can call it anti-football if you would like, but when the onus is on your opponent to get a goal, why put yourself in harms way of allowing one?
Minute 89: Johnson held back by Bornstein and taken down. No yellow shown when there should have been. Kansas City look to be corner hunting and unsuccessful in doing so.
Minute 90: Cunliffe with a pathetic cross in that Hartman gets to to save a corner.
Minute 90: Four minutes of stoppage time. Chivas right now don't deserve a goal.
Minute 90+1: Corner to Chivas. Kansas City clear it all the way back to Guzan.
Minute 90+1: Kljestan fails to go far post on Galindo's centering pass. You call yourself a US International?
Minute 90+2: Marsch goes far post and Nagamura gets the corner for Chivas. AND ANOTHER ONE OFF THE CROSSBAR THIS ONE BY CUNLIFFE. Another corner upcoming for Chivas, and they foul off the corner as a little shove fest begins.
Minute 90+4: Kerry Zavagnin off, Lance Watson on. Time wasting at it's best.
Minute 90+5: This is a recording, Chivas with a foul in the box. That should be it. Hartman punts long and it ends up at Guzan. Kansas City sniff the ball out on the edge of the penalty area...AND THAT IS IT!
Final Thoughts: I am going to admit it now, I was ready to break out the hard liquor during this second half. The only other game I can remember that dire in quality and chances was (sorry Kartik) Manchester City v Charlton Athletic from Good Friday last season in the Premier League. Kansas City knew what they had to do and they did it very well. That thing, makes Chivas's life miserable in the final third and in all honesty Hartman was only tested 4 times. Two times went off the frame and the other 2 times Hartman was up to the task. Kansas City didn't really seem bothered to counter and but I think by the time it was all said and done, they were more successful on the counter than Chivas ever was on the attack. Ante Razov's injury cost Chivas dearly and it showed they had no quality subs. Fair play to Kansas City though as they got what they needed, but will have to drastically change their style of play against Houston as if they try this game on Saturday night, it is not going to work.

Well I would like to thank those of you who spent the last five hours following the two live blogs of the final two quarter final games. My Premier League match reviews will start popping up over the next 72 hours. Until then, all feedback is welcomed and appreciated!


JR November 3, 2007 at 11:49 PM  

Is this match as boring as it appears to be in the blog?

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