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23 October 2007

It's been a while that's for sure so let's see if I've still got the ranting touch.

The first story I want to take a look into is the one dealing with Jens Lehmann. So you feel humiliated, you aren't happy about being on the bench and you think you're going to be able to call out Arsene Wenger and get an answer in public about being on the bench? Who do you think you are... Steven Gerrard, David Beckham, or John Terry? Do you seriously think that Wenger hasn't forgotten how poor you were to start the season? Do you think the fans have forgotten how you gifted Fulham a goal just one minute into the season and how you gifted Blackburn a draw? Jens face the fact that you are no longer the best keeper at Arsenal. Now granted you could say their schedule has been favorable for a guy like Almunia, but the last time I checked (and please correct me if I'm wrong), he hasn't gifted goals away. Lehmann you have had a decent enough career at Arsenal, you are just no longer the top dog. Do yourself a favor and find a decent enough German club that will be happy to have you and go. I would be willing to put money that your time as Arsenal's number 1 is over.

While I'm on the subject of Arsenal, I am just having a laugh about the English press all of a sudden waking up and saying Theo Walcott is coming of age. First of congrats on the goals against Slavia Prague. However after the way you have made teams from Prague this Champions League campaign your personal little b*tches, I'd be just a little bit more reserved. Granted he may force me to eat my words ala I've had to do to an extent on Heskey and Sibierski, but let us not forget he is young and one game does a player not make.

Is everyone getting ready for the war between Steven Gerrard and Rafa Benetiz? I think we're safe in stating the obvious that Gerrard was far from happy when he was substituted out of the Merseyside Derby and it sure isn't going to help matters that Rafa has said that he would do it again. Rafa I think your rotation policy makes what Claudio Ranieri did at Chelsea look like a standard set of players and your starting to see cracks in it, even if it is in facial expressions. Please understand that you need a core set of starters if only to develop a true sense of chemistry. Only until you do that will you be able to make a serious threat for the playoffs.

I think it's time to have a little discussion about one Mark Clattenburg. If you saw my match review on this game, you saw how critical I was on his officiating in this game. I don't care what people say I have seen the play enough to honestly believe he bottled the second penalty decision. At times during the game he looked lost and was really taken to the bullying Steven Gerrard put on him. Now he's missing next weekend's fixture, but there are simply too many stories now going around about why he won't be. Some say he's taking a holiday, some say because he's officiating in the UEFA Cup he won't be officiating on the weekend, and the one I truly believe (and usually the first story to go about on matters like this is closest to truth) is he was suspended. Now if your an official and your taking a holiday during the football season, you need to find another profession. If it is true it's because he's officiating in Europe he will be missing this weekend, I can understand that to a degree. However the fact the story is out there he was suspended for only one weekend to me is comical at best. To me he fits the description of Butters of South Park fame (description from Wikipedia 'Butters is described by fans as having a warm and friendly personality. He is naïve for his age and his innocence is often a target for abuse. Butters is very submissive and gives into peer pressure very easily'). How he gave into Steven Gerrard the way he did is something I don't think I will understand for a long time to come.

Memo to Petr Cech. Look I understand you want to defend Didier Drogba and say his comments are a non-issue amongst teammates, however the comments he made will not be long forgotten by the fans. The way I see it is that if Drogba wants out, get the hell out and don't come back. However there is a serious problem with strikers at Chelsea, and Drogba knows this. I would almost be certain he will be gone at season's end but the reality is Chelsea need Drogba right now, there are simply not enough strikers on the team to do the job. It's a shame the thirty million quid failure won't even admit he hasn't been up to standard.

I am puzzled at Bolton's search for a new manager. Can someone please explain to me exactly why you are targeting a manager WHO IS CURRENTLY NINETEENTH IN THE COCA-COLA CHAMPIONSHIP? I know it's going to be slim pickings for a manager but I would almost be willing to put a fiver up that once Martin Jol is sacked at Spurs you will be able to pick him up.

Some mini-rants to go home by...
So Lassana Diarra isn't happy he's not getting first team football at Arsenal? Did you just expect to walk onto the team because your French and get an automatic starting spot? It doesn't work that way in the Premier League and if you were naive to think that, please go back to France.
Dida now only has a one game ban. I guess I should be happy with one game but will AC Milan appeal again like Juve did over the points? It should have been for the rest of the Champions League qualifiers and then on appeal cut to two, but that makes too much sense.
David Moyes, I know it's hard to move on after a tough loss Saturday. However if Clattenburg is willing to apologize, be enough of a man to accept it. If you don't want the referee's apology now, you may not get a call from him later in the season you may need as sad as that sounds.
Memo to Pascal Chimbonda, quit crying about your poor start at Spurs ruining your international career? Maybe if you weren't on a back line that leaked more goals than teams score sixes in a game of Twenty20, you'd have a prayer to get back onto the French National Team. There is a solution however, play for Arsenal...oh wait Lassana Diarra is learning that lesson the hard way.

The plan for the rest of the week is to blog England in the Champions League over the next couple of nights and Friday doing another set of rants, a delayed blog on the first MLS playoff first leg and the Premier League in review. Until then, may the debate begin~!


Anonymous October 24, 2007 at 3:14 PM  

Good stuff!

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