Kansas City Wizards v Chivas USA Live 90 Minutes Commentary

27 October 2007

Sorry I am a little late getting this up. Had dinner and did dishes between the replay of Birmingham City v Wigan Athletic and the kickoff of this game.

KC Wizards Starting 11: 1 - Kevin Hartman (GK) 2 - Michael Harrington 3 - Nick Garcia 5 - Kerry Zavagnin 7 - Eddie Johnson 9 - Sasha Victorine 11 - Kurt Morsink 12 - Jimmy Conrad 14 - Jack Jewsbury 19 - Scott Sealy 22 - Davy Arnaud. Substitutes 24 - Eric Kronberg (GK) 6 - Jose Burciaga Jr. 16 - Eloy Colombano 20 - Tyson Wahl 21 - Lance Watson 26 - Ryan Raybould 29 - Ryan Pore
Chivas USA Starting 11: 18 - Brad Guzan (GK) 2 - Claudio Suarez 4 - Shavar Thomas 6 - Francisco Mendoza 10 - Laurent Merlin 13 - Jonathan Bornstein 15 - Jesse Marsch 16 - Sacha Kljestan 21 - Jason Hernandez 23 - Alex Zotinca 26 - Paulo Nagamura. Substitutes 22 - Preston Burpo (GK) 8 - Ramon Nunez 12 - John Cunliffe 17 - Rodrigo Lopez 19 - Jorge Flores 24 - Bobby Burling 32 - Anthony Hamilton
First Half
Minute 1: Chivas USA kick off.
Minute 2: Sealy springs the break. Victorine tries for Morsink but the ball is cleared out.
Minute 3: Sasha Victorine so close but out for a goal kick.
Minute 4: Jesse Marsch tries from distance, but Hartman easily collects.
Minute 5: Sasha Victorine goes for goal and Guzan collects without problem.
Minute 7: Free kick to KC about 30 from goal, Arnaud goes wide of the near post for a goal kick.
Minute 9: Nagamura goes to ground way too easily and the referee correctly plays on. However shouldn't that be a yellow for diving?
Minute 10: Ten minutes in and Chivas look like they are having trouble keeping possession. Even in the 4-5-1 they look in, Kansas City have gotten through a few times. KC are applying all the pressure right now.
Minute 12: Sealy in all alone, but 1 v 2. He works well to gain enough space to shoot and forces Guzan into making the save for a corner. Zavagnin takes the corner and Morsink goes well over the crossbar.
Minute 14: Off a KC throw, Scott Sealy gets yet another good scoring position, but puts his effort well wide and out for another goal kick. If Sealy keeps getting in those spots unmarked, he'll eventually punish you.
Minute 16: Michael Harrington down the wing and beats two defenders, but his pass to Morsink is poor and Chivas clear.
Minute 18: Kljestan tries to find Zotinca but the pass too heavy and Hartman collects.
Minute 19: Zotinca does a little screaming the official's way after getting called on the foul and is lucky he wasn't booked for dissent.
Minute 21: Francisco Mendoza fouled by Davy Arnaud giving Chivas it's best chance so far in the game. Kljestan to take the free kick. End result...Zavagnin clears being the first defender. Poor free kick.
Minute 23: Jewsbury, meet Merlin. Free kick to Kansas City.
Minute 34: Did I just see a 'Goat It's what's for dinner' banner? Meanwhile corner to Chivas.
Minute 25: Poor corner from Kljestan is all I know to say.
Minute 26: This game is starting to turn seven shades of sloppy and poor.
Minute 28: Sealy tries to spring Johnson, but when your 2 v 5 the odds are just that much against you.
Minute 29: Eddie Johnson unable to turn Suarez and he ends up putting the ball out to touch for a Chivas throw-in. If your wondering, the only other goal in the playoffs has been for FC Dallas.
Minute 31: Kljestan breaks and finds Mendoza. Mendoza though ends up waiting too late to shoot and puts it well wide of the far post. Best chance for Chvias in the game.
Minute 32: Eddie Johnson down the wing goes for Arnaud on the cross. However Arnaud unable to get to the fifty-fifty and Chivas clears.
Minute 34: GOAL KANSAS CITY, DAVY ARNAUD Johnson taken down by Nagamura, free kick to KC. Davy Arnaud takes and between heads of the wall and into the near post. Guzan was simply frozen. That's a way to get atmosphere in a 1/7th full stadium. KC Wizards 1 Chivas USA 0.
Minute 38: Chivas look totally lost in the midfield.
Minute 40: Finally some life from Chivas. Hartman parries out the first attempt from distance by Zotinca and Merlin unable to get a decent second effort as Garcia was back to cover.
Minute 42: Johnson down the wing but can't get his shot on target and it goes across the pitch for a Chivas throw.
Minute 44: Chivas with a little spell of possession near the end of the first half. Michael Harrington takes down Merlin from behind and sees yellow for it.
Minute 45: Kljestan goes far post but Hartman catches with ease. Morsink is taken down by Kljestan and KC can relieve the pressure.
Minute 45+1: Alex Zotinca sees yellow for a studs up challenge to Sasha Victorine. No attempt was made to play the ball and had to see the book for that.
Halftime: Kansas City Wizards 1 Chivas USA 0.
Quick First Half Thoughts: Chivas look a mess right now. They are not using the wide players to their benefit at all. They are doing more defending than attacking and are just not keeping possession at all. Kansas City didn't look much better, but they are playing more tight and using their pace up front to cut Chivas apart. It wouldn't hurt KC to go for a second goal and it wouldn't hurt Chivas to get out of the 4-5-1 and got 4-4-2 or even 4-1-4-1.
Quick scoring update. FC Dallas 1 Houston Dynamo 0, New York Red Bull 0 New England Revolution 0.
Second Half
Minute 46: Kansas City kick off.
Minute 48: Victorine takes Johnson's pass and shoots off Sealy. Arnaud goes far post and has it deflected out and Chivas clear.
Minute 51: Free kick to Morsink after Marsch takes him down. Zavagnin goes to Victorine, but his flick on goal was never heading near post and ends up out for a goal kick.
Minute 54: Booking to Nick Garcia for his challenge on Sacha Kljestan. The free kick by Kljestan and after a spell of possession...
Minute 56: KC Break through Arnaud but Victorine unable to keep the ball and out for a Chivas throw.
Minute 57: John Cunliffe on Zotinca off. Preki obviously had seen enough and brings on the extra striker.
Minute 59: Cunliffe unable to get the through ball through Nick Garcia's good defending.
Minute 61: Marsch from distance blocked by Zavagnin.
Minute 62: Chivas down the wing find Cunliffe who puts his shot off the bar. Nothing like a little familiarity to the formation to spark your side.
Minute 65: Sealy tries to find Johnson, but by the time the pass is made, Johnson ends up offside.
Minute 66: Davy Arnaud unable to find Scott Sealy and Chivas clear. Should have done better though.
Minute 67: For those wondering, New York 0 New England 0 full time. And Kljestan fouls Harrington for a KC free kick.
Minute 68: Arnaud finds Conrad on the free kick, but it doesn't amount to anything.
Minute 70: Ramon Nunez comes on...didn't catch who for.
Minute 71: Jewsbury mugged by Borstein and free kick to KC.
Minute 72: Kurt Morsink off, Ryan Pore on.
Minute 73: Kljestan should have been booked for diving as he literally flops to the ground in hope he'll get a penalty decision.
Minute 75: Still FC Dallas 1 Houston Dynamo 0. Game has grinded to near halt in Kansas City.
Minute 78: Mendoza with a very weak centering ball easily handled by KC.
Minute 80: Zavagnin too ambitious trying to find Sealy on the long ball. Guzan collects the cross with ease.
Minute 84: Chivas are trying to get forward but they are having no success whatsoever doing so.
Minute 85: Nunez in with space, but puts his shot a yard over the crossbar.
Minute 87: Jewsbury does well to deny Bornstein.
Minute 88: Kerry Zavagnin booked for a late tackle. Ryan Raybould on and Jack Jewsbury off. Jewsbury was starting to cramp.
Minute 90: John Cunliffe in on goal...until you realize he was offside. Nick Garcia did well to play him off.
Minute 90+1: Eddie Johnson on the counter tries to find Scott Sealy, but Guzan gets in the way of that.
Minute 90+2: KC free kick and they take their jolly sweet time taking it. Chivas get it and here they come on the attack. Bornstein open on the switch but KC defend well...
Minute 90+3: Davy Arnaud takes the ball and KC clear.
Full Time Thoughts: Chivas USA looked a team that didn't know how to attack without their two starting strikers on the park. Cunliffe did his part when he came on, but to be frank by then it was too late. Kansas City though with only one goal are going to have a hard time getting out of this with the aggregate win, but with the injuries up front for Chivas, you would think if they packed the ball in they should be able to get out of LA with a 0-0 draw. The second leg is going to be a very very tense affair.

Well that's all the time I have tonight. Thank you for reading and remember, feedback is always welcomed and appreciated.


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