EPL Reviews: Round 10 Arsenal v Bolton, Middlesbrough v Chelsea and Newcastle United v Tottenham

22 October 2007

Apologies for not having anything up sooner. Been fighting one bugger of a cold over the last couple of days. Do note the Newcastle United v Tottenham review was done as I was watching the game live so I may have missed a thing or two, forgive me.

Match One: Arsenal v Bolton Wanderers
Arsenal Starting 11: 24 Manuel Almunia, 22 Gael Clichy, 27 Emmanuel Eboue, 10 William Gallas, 3 Bacary Sagna, 5 Kolo Toure, 3 Cesc Fabregas, 16 Mathieu Flamini, 13 Alexander Hleb, 25 Emmanuel Adebayor, 9 Eduardo Da Silva. Bench: 21 Lukasz Fabianski, 19 Gilberto Silva, 2 Vassiriki Diaby, 7 Tomas Rosicky, 32 Theo Walcott.
Bolton Wanderers Starting 11: 22 Jussi Jaaskelainen, 5 Abdoulaye Meite, 31 Andrew O'Brien, 8 Ivan Campo, 11 Ricardo Gardner, 17 Danny Guthrie, 19 Gavin McCann, 4 Kevin Nolan, 24 Joey O'Brien, 14 Kevin Davies, 21 El-Hadji Diouf. Bench: 26 Ali Al Habsi, 15 Gerald Cit, 2 Nicky Hunt, 7 Stelios Giannakopoulos, 27 Daniel Braaten.
First Half:
Minute 1: Bolton kick off. Beautiful day in North London it appears. FSC take note...Setanta kicked off the game in time, showed the team sheet and then scrolled the starting 11's after kickoff.
Minute 5: Arsenal with their first real chance of the game...despite having all the possession. However Emmanuel Adebayor's effort goes across the face of goal and Bolton eventually clear.
Minute 8: Alexander Hleb finds Adebayor on the run, but Bolton have enough back to block the shot and again Bolton survive by the skin of their teeth.
Minute 9: Ivan Campo finds Davies with the long throw. However the flick on goes right to Almunia and not Diouf. First positive play from Bolton in the match.
Minute 13: Bolton win the first corner of the game, however Guthrie's delivery is shockingly poor and Arsenal clear with ease.
Minute 15: Guthrie lucky to not be booked for his challenge on Hleb. It looked a yellow card to me. Just gets off with a stern talking to.
Minute 17: So far Bolton have tried the earliest time wasting tactics I've ever seen. Really started in minute 9 but it's getting more obvious now with the tying of shoes when they are perfectly tied.
Minute 20: Yellow Cards: Gavin McCann, El Hadji Diouf and Cesc Fabregas. Gavin McCann with a scissors challenge on Bacary Sagna. That sparks off the players and quite frankly, Alan Wiley gets it right. El-Hadji Diouf decides to get into the official's face, rightfully getting booked, Fabregas gets booked for starting the fracas post foul and McCann gets booked though the fans are demanding he be sent off.
Minute 22: Had Cesc Fabregas not been booked a couple of minutes prior, he would have been booked for his challenge on Ivan Campo. It still should have been a second yellow card, even as cheaply as he would have gotten both bookings.
Minute 29: Andrew O'Brien does well to bounce the ball off Alexander Helb for a goal kick to Bolton. Arsenal haven't really had a sniff on goal in quite a while as Bolton are looking content to play nine behind the ball and dare Arsenal into breaking them down.
Minute 32: Emmanuel Adebayor wants a penalty, but Gavin McCann got the ball before he got the defender. Good no call there.
Minute 33: Diouf may have gotten the ball first before sliding through Sagna, however a free kick was the right call. However Diouf has to keep his mouth shut as dissent would be a poor way to be sent off.
Minute 36: Arsenal with three corners in succession and fail to do anything with them.
Minute 37: Joey O'Brien and Eduardo Da Silva jump slide for a ball. Da Silva tries to pull out at the last possible second and ends up the worst for wear. It was a fifty-fifty ball, a bit foolish, but a fifty-fifty nonetheless.
Minute 42: Emmanuel Adebayor has an open header and miss hits it going just wide. The cross in from Hleb was right on the nose and Adebayor misjudged the jump and caught the ball on the way down. He'll be regretting that chance.
The best way to describe this half would be Arsenal dominate, create a few good chances, a couple of exceptional chances but couldn't find the back of the net. Bolton are simply putting everyone with the exception of Kevin Davies behind the ball. However Arsenal are still finding spaces to shoot in and to be honest haven't had to do little if any defending at all. Bolton look content to just leave with a draw but that is it. Arsenal though if they are given all these chances will finally get one in...just like they did against Manchester City.
Second Half:
Minute 46: Arsenal kick off. They get the ball again in a positive place when McCann's poor clearance ends up at the feet of Emmanuel Eboue. However he wastes the chance as his shot was never a threat on target.
Minute 50: Breaking news, Bolton get a chance on goal. However the header off the corner weakly goes over the crossbar.
Minute 55: Emmanuel Eboue with a shout for a penalty against El-Hadji Diouf. Right on the no call as it was a fifty-fifty challenge going for the ball.
Minute 61: Again another good chance for Adebayor, however the ball curls wide of the near post.
Minute 62: Theo Walcott, Tomas Rosicky on, Emmanuel Eboue and Eduardo Da Silva off. Good substitutions to add more pace to the attack and midfield.
Minute 66: Corner for Arsenal and Jussi Jaaskelainen makes a save out of no where. Announcers scream hand ball but I can't see it.
Minute 67: GOAL ARSENAL! After Ivan Campo fouled Tomas Rosicky about 28 yards from goal, Fabregas touches, Flamini sets and Kolo Toure goes under the defense. That was a perfect set piece that did just what it was intended to do...break the wall up. Arsenal 1 Bolton Wanderers 0.
Minute 69: Daniel Braaten on, El-Hadji Diouf off. Don't know if he can do anything to spark this woeful attack of Bolton at the moment.
Minute 70: Theo Walcott does all the work down the wing, no one though can pick up the fruit of his labor as his centering pass finds no one.
Minute 71: Yellow Card, Kevin Nolan. Off a Cesc Fabregas free kick, he uses the arm to play the ball. Has to be given.
Minute 76: Emmanuel Adebayor gets the ball on the run, gets Andrew O'Brien and Jussi Jaaskelainen out of position, and then ends up too far out wide off the touch before slipping. Should have been 2-0 and he knew it.
Minute 77: Stelios Giannakopoulos on, Danny Guthrie off. Gives a little bit of fire power from the midfield, just not much.
Minute 80: GOAL ARSENAL! Arsenal keep possession and the ball eventually makes it way to Theo Walcott who stays on. He beats Gardner to the byline and then crosses into Tomas Rosicky who breaks between Joey and Andrew O'Brien and beating Jaaskelainen going far post. Wonderfully worked goal. Arsenal 2 Bolton Wanderers 0.
Minute 83: Joey O'Brien breaks up the 2 on 1 onslaught Arsenal were on.
Minute 87: Yellow Card: Kevin Davies. Just pushes Fabregas off the ball in frustration.
Minute 89: Vassiriki Diaby on, Alexander Hleb off. Nice way to give the fans a chance to applaud his effort.
Minute 90+1: Yellow Card Ivan Campo. Just more frustration from Bolton.
Final Analysis: Arsenal were frustrated for most of this game, but it was the subs of Theo Walcott and Tomas Rosicky that turned the balance of this game. Walcott generated the pace that Arsenal needed to break down Bolton. The first goal though was just a perfect free kick. The only worry for Arsenal on the day would have to be not finishing the chances they had. Bolton though simply missed Nicolas Anelka. They just didn't look like they had anyone up front who could score. Even though they packed nine behind the ball, they simply lost their shape way too many times to count. The performance has to be better if they want to get off the bottom, however without any serious firepower they are in serious trouble.

Match Two: Middlesbrough v Chelsea
Middlesbrough Starting 11: 1 Mark Schwarzer, 5 Chris Riggott, 33 Andrew Taylor, 8 Jonathan Woodgate, 2 Luke Young, 7 George Boateng, 19 Stewart Downing, 4 Gary O'Neil, 10 Fabio Rochemback, 9 Mido, 17 Tuncay Sanli. Bench: 21 Ross Turnbull, 31 David Wheater, 27 Lee Cattermole, 42 Tom Craddock, 18 Dong-Good Lee.
Chelsea Starting 11: 1 Petr Cech, 33 Alex, 35 Juliano Belletti, 6 Ricardo Carvalho, 20 Paulo Ferreira, 10 Joe Cole, 5 Michael Essien, 8 Frank Lampard, 15 Florent Malouda, 12 John Obi Mikel, 11 Didier Drogba. Bench: 23 Carlo Cudicini, 22 Tal Ben-Haim, 9 Steve Sidwell, 23 Shawn Wright-Phillips, 7 Andriy Shevchenko.
First Half:
Minute 1: Chelsea kick off.
Minute 3: Andrew Taylor does well to block Joe Cole's cross not once but twice and clear it away.
Minute 8: GOAL CHELSEA! Chelsea were just passing the ball along before Drogba plays a 1-2 with Lampard. Drogba gets in behind Luke Young before finding Schwarzer and going far post with the effort. They took their time with the possession they had and when they found the space to exploit did so with finesse. Middlesbrough 0 Chelsea 1.
Minute 11: Jonathan Woodgate does well to deny Drogba's centering pass looking for Frank Lampard and help clear the danger.
Minute 17: Petr Cech does well to deny Mido. Ferreira is beaten by Boateng and his cross is goes right to the perfect spot. The ball was swung in with pace, headed with pace and Cech did well to make the quick reaction save.
Minute 19: Mido does well to force Chelsea into conceding the corner kick. The corner is cleared by Essien only clears for the moment.
Minute 20: Carvalho blocks Mido from having an open effort on goal. Middlesbrough are starting to turn the screw despite giving up the early goal.
Minute 22: Woodgate and Downing block Drogba in, but Drogba wins Chelsea the corner. Malouda takes but Schwarzer punches out and Boro clear the pressure.
Minute 32: It's been a while eh? Well Jonathan Woodgate somehow escapes a booking after fouling Joe Cole. The indirect freekick ends up just wide of the near post.
Minute 35: Rochemback does well on the free kick to do Riggott, but Riggott isn't positioned well and heads the ball tamely wide.
Minute 37: Boy couldn't they just get Juliano Belletti off the park please and get on with this game?
Minute 45: Don't know what Chelsea were thinking trying to pass the ball into an empty wing.
Minute 45+1: Essien lucky to not be booked for his challenge on Tuncay. Boro's free kick is just kicked away by Belletti.
Chelsea were content to just pass the ball about in the first half and find the open spaces. However besides the one goal, they just didn't create chances. Sure they held most of the possession, but they didn't do much with it. Middlesbrough fended off Chelsea like a fly swatter to flies and only created one quality chance. They did show they can hold the ball and get into position to get chances, but were lacking the final touch. Boro are still in with a shout, they just have to do a better job upping the ante.
Second Half:
Minute 46: Middlesbrough kick off.
Minute 47: Paulo Ferreira concedes a Middlesbrough corner, but Chelsea clear and break...
Minute 48: Yellow Card George Boateng. On the break, Boateng gets on the wrong side of Ricardo Carvalho and takes him down. Was blatant and the referee shows the yellow. Lampard's free kick hits the wall.
Minute 49: Stewart Downing finds Mido on the cross, but the cross in doesn't give Mido anything to work with and the ball tamely lands in the chest of Petr Cech.
Minute 51: Drogba goes down after a challenge and embellishes it to the max. Help me out dear people when Drogba does things like this should I call him thumper or Bambi?
Minute 52: Was it hand ball from Jon Obi Mikel? The two looks on the replay show you just simply cannot tell.
Minute 53: Mido gives Boro another corner...cleared away.
Minute 55: Another Frank Lampard free kick that goes by the way side.
Minute 57: GOAL CHELSEA! Free kick to Chelsea after Michael Essien is taken down by Fabio Rochemback. Indirect free kick. Alex takes the Lampard first touch and it goes over the wall and knuckles in at the far post. The keeping was poor on this one as Schwarzer was five yards off the line when the kick was taken and then was too central to his wall. I don't think Alex will care. Middlesbrough 0 Chelsea 2.
Minute 60: Drogba with one nice cross into Joe Cole, and the official judges him offside even though the replay shows that Jonathan Woodgate played him on. Didn't matter in the end as Schwarzer collected.
Minute 64: Frank Lampard should have been booked for diving. The announcers from TWI can say Boateng got him, but if you look closely enough, he didn't and Lampard went to ground like a wounded duck. Upon looking at the close up replay the arms were tangled, but Boateng released and Lampard still went to ground.
Minute 67: Drogba tries a long 1-2 with Lampard...that fails miserably.
Minute 68: Lee Cattermole on, George Boateng off. Boro need the pace now to spring the attack from the midfield.
Minute 69: Florent Malouda is the one who makes Joe Cole look foolish and earns Chelsea a corner. However Malouda's corner ends up all the way out to the center circle and on the long ball into Drogba goes out for a goal kick. Wasted opportunity.
Minute 72: Yellow Card: Florent Malouda. Malouda plays the challenge studs up and promptly sees yellow for his troubles.
Minute 75: Chelsea had three men try and shoot on the same play...Belletti whiffs, Malouda is blocked and Lampard falls to his rump roast trickling to Schwarzer.
Minute 76: Shawn Wright-Phillips on, Florent Malouda off. Really like for like as Joe Cole will move left.
Minute 82: Steve Sidwell on, Michael Essien off. Interesting sub but since Essien returning to fitness from injury may as well get him off the park when the game looks decided.
Minute 85: Andriy Shevchenko on, Didier Drogba off. The thirty million quid failure just must love the fact he in all actuality is somewhere between third and fifth choice striker.
Minute 87: Gary O'Neil has a chance to make the finish interesting, but his first touch fails him. The ball goes further wide of the far post and O'Neil has to shoot on an obtuse angle and go over the cross bar.
Minute 89: Joe Cole concedes a Boro free kick and the wall does it's job. Boro went route one there and it didn't do the trick.
Minute 90+1: Never a good sign when the camera shows the mass of fans trying to beat the traffic.
Final Analysis: Middlesbrough were simply disappointing on the day. They had their moments when they had their chances but only had two serious threats on goal the entire ninety, and that isn't going to cut it. Mido looked frustrated as the service in to him wasn't there and the couple of times he did get chances he was out of position. Chelsea took their time and their passes finally started to look crisp. Drogba looked like he was sucking up to the crowd with the blue boots, but he did set up the first goal well. In what could be a telling sign, the absence on both Ashley Cole and John Terry actually may have helped the Chelsea backs...that or could have been Middlesbrough being simply that bad.

Match Three: Newcastle United v Tottenham Hotspur
Newcastle United Starting 11: 1 Shay Given, 21 Habib Beye, 6 Claudio Cacapa, 25 Abdoulaye Faye, 3 Sanchez Jose Enrique, 22 Nicky Butt, 5 Belozoglu Emre, 20 Geremi, 14 Charles N'Zogbia, 9 Obafemi Martins, 10 Michael Owen. Bench: 13 Steve Harper, 4 David Rozehnal, 7 Joey Barton, 16 James Milner, 23 Shola Ameobi.
Tottenham Starting 11: 12 Radek Cerny, 2 Pascal Chimbonda, 20 Michael Dawson, 5 Younes Kaboul, 3 Young-Pyo Lee. 16 Gareth Bale, 8 Jermaine Jenas, 15 Steed Malbranque, 4 Didier Zokora, 23 Darren Bent, 10 Robbie Keane. Bench: 31 Tommy Forecast, 30 Anthony Gardner, 25 Aaron Lennon, 6 Teemu Tainio, 9 Dimitar Berbatov.
First Half:
Minute 1: Tottenham kickoff.
Minute 4: After a frantic start, Abdoulaye Faye ends up clashing heads with Kaboul on a long throw.
Minute 6: Another long throw, Faye flicks on and Cerny will be happy to see that Steve Bennett blows the whistle on Owen's challenge.
Minute 7: Robbie Keane...has all the time to set and shoot and whiffs on the effort. Emre clears for a corner...that Jenas undershoots going far post.
Minute 8: Emre goes down and it looks like Newcastle are again turning into the walking MASH unit again. The bad boy of Manchester City Joey Barton starts to warm up.
Minute 10: Can the third long throw in be the charm for Newcastle? If you guessed no you would be correct. The same throw to the near post defended to perfection by Spurs. The ball ends up out tamely for a goal kick.
Minute 13: Yellow Card Gareth Bale. Gareth Bale concedes a corner when he thinks he's gotten a goal kick. He gets a yellow for his protest picking up the ball.
Minute 14: OFF THE POST! N'Zogbia whips the ball in near post and Abdoulaye Faye strikes it right off the crossbar. The keeper was soundly beaten and you could hear the force of that shot.
Minute 15: On the other end, Robbie Keane takes a quick free kick and had it not been for Habib Beye being practically on the line, it's 1-0 to Spurs in what would have been against the grain of play.
Minute 17: Nicky Butt nearly pulls off the spectacular dispossession of Didier Zokora.
Minute 18: Newcastle get two decent half chances, but the spell ends when Geremi overshoots the far post on a cross into the edge of the six.
Minute 20: Teemu Tainio on, Gareth Bale off. Bale took a stomp to the foot and didn't look the same afterwards.
Minute 22: Newcastle again with a promising spell on the edge of the eighteen, but they get caught up in the corner. They earn a throw in that Kaboul clears and Darren Bent breaks on.
Minute 23: Tottenham get the throw in deep in their attacking third but Jenas and Tianio have shots blocked and in the end Kaboul is dispossessed and Newcastle clear.
Minute 24: Sanchez Jose Enrique with one of the laziest passes you'll ever see.
Minute 25: How Jenas got away with no booking on his challenge of N'Zogbia, I'll never know. Malbranque off the free kick concedes the corner for Newcastle that is cleared for the moment.
Minute 27: Michael Owen gets into space after Dawson's first touch fails him. Owen had options but shoots instead of finding Martins on the forward run as well. Cerny does what Robinson wouldn't have done in parrying the ball out for a corner that is wasted away and Dawson will be thanking his lucky starts that didn't lead to 1-0 Newcastle.
Minute 29: Darren Bent flicks on to Keene nicely. However Keene got in too close to the byline and his shot is comfortably saved by Given.
Minute 31: Darren Bent tries to do too much twice in quick succession. First time he's easily dispossessed when he tries to touch the ball too often and the second time by going across the face of goal and out for a goal kick.
Minute 36: Yellow Card: Pascal Chimbonda. Charles N'Zogbia goes for player and not ball and that will always see you in the book.
Minute 37: The free kick is over by Emre and Geremi.. Bennett isn't happy with the wall, start booking them then. Emre dummies and Geremi shoots and despite it going off Malbranque for a corner kick, it is out for a goal kick.
Minute 39: If Setanta Sports possession stat is to be believed (which I do because it's felt that way), Tottenham are playing way too cautiously.
Minute 40: Jenas and N'Zogbia try to hug and the official correctly sends the free kick Spurs way. Jenas did well to hold his ground.
Minute 43: Tottenham escape again when Martins is blocked by Cerny and Owen is blocked by Dawson.
Minute 45: GOAL NEWCASTLE UNITED. Obafemi Martins takes the ball in from Sanchez Jose Enrique's punt forward. Dawson goes for the ball and misses leaving Cerny in no man's land. Martins lets Cerny pick the direction he shoots in and it's far post. Horrific defending of the long ball. You have to do better with that. Newcastle United 1 Tottenham 0.
Second Half: James Milner on, Charles N'Zogbia on. Has to be purely tactical.
Minute 46: Newcastle kick off.
Minute 48: Robbie Keane kills off a great countering opportunity when his pass out wide for Darren Bent is hit well wide and out for a goal kick.
Minute 50: GOAL NEWCASTLE UNITED! Corner to Newcastle after Kaboul just dumps the ball out before Owen can play it. Emre takes the corner and over the first man it goes and Claudio Cacapa beats Michael Dawson in at the near post. Cerny was helpless to the corner as that ball was swung in with great pace. Newcastle United 2 Tottenham 0.
Minute 53: Finally Berbatov starts to warm up. Jon Champion on Setanta says he was told 3 times to get up and warns of the peril of keeping your starting striker off the park at St. James Park.
Minute 55: Darren Bent takes the long ball but plays it back out. Spurs waste it away to Martins. They look just too scared to shoot on sight. Not a good thing when your 2 goals down.
Minute 56: Berbatov goes and sits back down. Why am I getting the impression he won't be subbed in at this rate?
Minute 57: GOAL TOTTENHAM! The ball is played into Robbie Keane from Darren Bent who leaps over everyone in hitting that ball in at the near post. It really came from nothing but it was the spark that this game was so desparately lacking. Newcastle United 2 Tottenham 1.
Minute 59: Dimitar Berbatov on, Steed Malbranque off. They needed the pace up front and now they have it. And I was wrong.

Minute 59: Martins does too much with it and Dawson finally does something right.
Minute 61: Yellow Card: Abdoulaye Faye booked for his studs in challenge of Teemu Tainio.
Minute 62: The free kick ends up going across the pitch a couple of times before Keene tries to find in Darren Bent at the far post...but just puts too much touch on the ball and it's danger averted for the moment for Newcastle.
Minute 67: Nicky Butt concedes a corner to Tottenham. Bent is unable to get the ball towards goal and it whimpers out for a goal kick.
Minute 68: Free kick to Newcastle after hand ball. Milner sets up through traffic and despite the claims from the crowd the ball went off Dawson, it went through the five hole and out for a goal kick.
Minute 70: Martins tries to be greedy and Zokora up to the task. On the counter after Nicky Butt freels he's fouled by Zokora, Berbatov shows his skill in finding Bent. Bent on the other hand, doesn't show his skill and shoots over the cross bar. Upon further review on the play, Zokora may have gotten away with the challenge, but it was shoulder to shoulder.
Minute 71: Yellow Card: Nicky Butt insensed he didn't get the call is booked for dissent.
Minute 71: Joey Barton comes on and Emre comes off. Why are these fans cheering this pathetic thug?
Minute 73: GOAL NEWCASTLE UNITED. Obafemi Martins does extremely well to get this ball on the byline. The ball headed out by Kaboul and right to James Milner. Milner whiffs on his first shot attempt but the second time he doesn't miss and on the volley is stuck perfectly into the bottom corner far post. Cerny didn't have a prayer. Poor defending as no one went to mark Milner. Newcastle 3 Tottenham 1.
Minute 77: James Milner concedes a corner to Tottenham, but Given up to the task and catches. He springs the break through Martins, but Owen has a challenge seen out for a corner. See sub below. Enrique shoots and goes well over the crossbar.
Minute 78: Aaron Lennon on Darren Bent off. Like for like in one hell of a gamble.
Minute 79: David Rozehnal on, Michael Owen off. Just looking to protect this two goal lead.
Minute 81: This game all of a sudden has slowed way down.
Minute 81: Barton and Lee go for a fifty fifty and Tottenham earn a free kick. The ball goes into Chimbonda and his header far post doesn't miss by much, but don't tell that to Shay Given.
Minute 88: Kaboul is taken down by a studs to the gut challenge by Nicky Butt and why Butt is still on the park is beyond me.
Minute 90: Kaboul and Butt are into it again. Where's the boxing ring when you need one?
Minute 90: Lennon down the wing with pace. Faye concedes the corner that is wasted.
Minute 90+1: Martins on the break and when he realizes he stopped in his tracks, pulls the ball back.
Minute 90+3: Last chance corner for Tottenham to help to goal differential. The ball ends up across the pitch for a throw in and that should be murder she wrote.
Final Analysis: Newcastle took full advantage of Tottenham sitting everyone back and trying to counter. Martins and Owen may not have looked in sync, but after the performance tonight given time they could very well form a very formidable partnership. The back looked firm, the midfield held their shape well, and they obviously knew how to exploit Spurs for 3. Tottenham on the other hand need Ledley King back and the sooner the better. However one player does a whole team not make as that backline is simply atrocious and not one player is going to save that. As much as I like Jol, it's simply time for him to go...to Bolton!

Someone asked me on another post why I am not adding some things over to my EPL Talk Community blog? The best answer is there are certain things I want to make exclusive here (and if others who have already gotten my permission in advance) that I think will make this blog different enough from the stuff on the Community to keep people coming back.

I hope to be back later for more. If I am not, what I get to Tuesday will be all the time I have for this week before I blog Britain in Europe.


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